Boris – the Bullshitter

Does the position of Foreign Minister give one the right to mouth off?



Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zahkarova to Boris Johnson: Stop your false accusation against Russia.


Dear Boris – if you accuse a country of anything – back it up with facts.

In other words – no facts – then Boris talking Bullshit.

Your allegations that Russia allegedly committed war crimes in Aleppo Syria – in an interview with The Sun, October 1.

Unfortunately for Boris – he is obviously unaware of the blogosphere – where the truth is separated from his bullshit.

If he cared to read ‘Moon of Alabama’ – he would have known that evidence is now very much – showing that a US Hellfire missile from a Predator Drone most likely set the UN convoy ablaze.

Will the US now be guilty of war crimes Boris?

No they will not – and I am glad that the Russian Foreign Minister has the balls to tackle the Bullshitter Boris.

Oh – you don’t know about Moon of Alabama?

Where barflies get together.



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