Austria -Am I in Contempt of Court for saying the decision herein – stinks and is a travesty of Justice?

Or am I viewing this in the wrong context?

An Iraqi refugee who raped a ten year old boy at a swimming pool in Austria – December 2nd last year – was initially given a six year jail sentence – his excuse – ‘a sexual emergency’.

An appeal to a higher Austrian court though – had the decision overturned on the grounds that the “Judges say lower court had not established whether attacker thought boy consented to sex” (1)

What precedent does this set?

If any foreigner rapes a ten year old boy or girl – then the same rules apply – this is the Austrian Legal System.

How the hell does a ten year old boy convey the fact that the attack is unwarranted – when he is set upon by a man?



I think I need counseling – if I was the father – refugee or not – the perpetrator (…insert your own description here – what I think – I cannot put in writing….)

Austrian laws would see me in prison for inciting violence.







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