America – in decline but still the entertainment capital of the world.

Clinton campaign schlonged by a little Weiner!

Not to disappoint – we have now a little ‘Weiner’ in America – which will resurrect my hopes anyway of an arrest before the election – on November 8.

The little Weiner – has secure emails on his server… maybe?


The little Weiner was ‘apparently’ sextexting a minor and being investigated.

And could not resist posting this photograph composite – but as we all know Hillary is a lesbian – Huma (pictured above) is rumored to be her lover – wife of the little Weiner.



One Comey – Obama appointee in charge of the F.B.I. – is to reopen the closed case against one Hillary Clinton on ’emailgate’ – this is after the twat stated categorically that no charges were to be laid against her – plus – they granted immunity to her staff during that investigation – and destroyed one of the laptops that had precious emails on them.

Needless to say – Donald is not ducking.

At least his odds have shortened a tad – but do not let that get in the way of a brilliant situation developing in America – land of corruption – class warfare – destroyed middle class – totally slipping down that slippery slope to collapse.

Yes America is well and truly in decline – with the tainted President Obama in control and one Hillary Clinton – the assured victor – corrupt as all hell.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

One President Obama – first black President – awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – preaching increased transparency in control – turning out to be tainted by the Democratic henchman Creamer and his own self interest.

If you read this blog then you know my thoughts on this war criminal.




Yes now the Veritas videos prove that elections are rigged – and Obama is stuck deep in the mud on the simple fact Mr Creamer – had more visits to the POTUS (President of the United Stares) – more than the First Lady Michelle?


In depth sordid details covered through Breibart at this link – yes saves verbiage from me on this matter and everything covered in far more detail.

Plus Mr Creamer is a convicted felon – but then again what is a few million – it is chicken feed in contrast to the billions siphoned off by the Clintons.

Yes it is called ‘pay to play’.


And mainstream media – as usual they are very tolerant in regard to both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s misdemeanors – ignoring blatant corruption – her lesbian lover – health issues and treason.

Yes treason – anybody – other than Clinton – would be in jail serving life – for the actions committed by Hillary Clinton with her private server and confidential emails.

The question though is – whilst FBI Comey has reopened the closed case – when will he finish the investigation?


In the meantime the next POTUS – as guaranteed by Soros and Obama – her meltdown after that interview with Matt Lauer.



So – got your popcorn?

A lot can happen between now and November 8th.

And yes – America is in decline – as so many great empires before.

Huge Debt

Bribery and Corruption

Class Warfare

No Rule of Law

Only one way to go – down.


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