Bill Clinton – no where to hide…

I  give thanks to Anonymous – the tit-for-tat revelations just keep on coming.

How is the popcorn going?



Now one Obama stated that Trump should stop his whining….

This from the victor of the last presidential election – who cannot hide the fact that he is involved up to his eyeballs – with those that have proven to be corrupt.

Now his legacy to the next President – trillions of dollars worth of debt through Obamacare – if it was anyone – with any sense at all – running for the President of the United States – would definitely highlight the economic failures of the Obama era.

Lay the blame now – as this debt will definitely blow up in 2017.

More on that in the next post.

Note: Propaganda by the mainstream press is amazing  – the majority of TWATs are being brainwashed – and this applies to all countries – Australia included.

A Prime Minister involved with suspect transactions in his past – being bailed out by Goldman Sachs – and the Opposition Leader – well what can one say – rape? – involved with corrupt practices in the Unions.

No mainstream media outlet highlights this shit – amazed.

Cry me a river… 




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