Popcorn? Puhleese history is being made – enjoy the short calm before the shitstorm.

Yes – popcorn – feel as though the events that are unfolding around the world should be enjoyed.


I have this strange feeling that I should just enjoy the economic and political circus whilst it lasts – the end results will not be pretty.


As far as the global economy is progressing – one could say that nothing really has changed – in as much as:-

1. The global trade has continued to defy market expectations and continues to decline.

2. Global debt of U.S.$152 trillion is of a concern to the International Monetary Fund – and they somehow cannot comprehend why globalization has stalled – why populism defeats the oligarchs end goal.

3. Bank of Japan thinks that they can control the yield curve – at least they have their priorities right – right? – until they cannot – as the market doth dictate – it is just that everyone is in the same low interest rate regime and so capital is not seeking yield – just capital gains.

4. Chinese offshore currency keeps dropping against the USD and is being closely watched by all trading partners and central bankers – it is like – ‘how did they do that?’ – especially within the parameters of the currency wars. The secret from my point of view is that ‘they PBOC – do not care’ – their currency is now formally accepted in the IMF – SDR basket of currency – goal achieved by the PBoC.

5. Chinese weak trade data assisted in the Yuan’s decline – and it appears that corporate mergers and acquisitions within China – whilst slow to realise – are coming to fruition – this against a backdrop of ballooning house prices – nothing like a housing bubble to give the peasants that warm wealthy feeling.

6. The British Pounds decline is about time – and should be cheered by Carney and Osborne – the country has this 1920’s economic feel to it and hopefully the exit from the E.U. will be plain sailing.

7. And the E.U. – where would the E.U. be without Germany – and definitely where would Germany be without the E.U.?  Yes – Germany has prospered greatly through the single currency regime and so on that basis – will Merkel wake up to the fact that the Deutsche Bank cannot fall over?  Me thinks so – as a contagion is in the offing and Merkel can ill afford that legacy – together with the German refugee problems – me think that her time to retire is well overdue.


8. Whilst on the E.U. Banks – the Italian non performing loan problem is not as unhealthy as it is in Greece and Portugal. From my point of view – all the Club Med countries should take a vacation from the E.U. – revert back to their original currencies and get their individual houses into order. Easy said – but I doubt that Brussels would contemplate such a move.

9. Russian grain harvests will be the largest in some time – that together with military hardware sales are a boon to the currency – with the rouble strengthening – yet me thinks that this will end shortly – too much skin in Syria for the likes of the U.S. regime and their allies – bomb shelters have been cleaned out and provisioned – they are now just waiting for the Nobel peace prize winner Obama to press the button.

10. Asian economies are in a bind – Singapore is in a deep hole – as too Malaysia – with the decline in global trade continuing the outlook in the short term does not look good.

11. India ‘appears’ on the surface to be bubbling along – however when I visited a Pakistani economic blog – I was taken aback on comments from senior writers – as to the apparent fudged Indian figures that were advised – even after the IMF audit to verify their authenticity – the belief is – that as in the Chinese data – all is not as it seems. No doubt more than military conflict between these two nations – as similar comments raised by India on Pakistan’s figures. Who would have thought?

Politics – Politicians – what a dysfunctional self serving bunch of hypocrites…

Yes I have overdone Hillary – but bear in mind that the U.S. elections this November – will have huge ramifications across the globe.

In fact it is the litmus test for precious metals – currencies – oil and gas.

What has transpired so far – in the American election is amazing – and yes I am enjoying every minute – as the United States of America continues to crash and burn – being destroyed on the inside – by corruption and self interests of individuals.

Treason has been committed in the highest level of the government and the administration – all due to the Jacksonism factor of one Donald Trump.


Then not to forget the U.S. ‘coalition’ countries – Britain – Norway – Denmark – France – Australia – committing war crimes on the pretext of fighting terrorism.

And how embarrassing for the U.K. – the newly appointed foreign minister – one Boris Johnson joining with the U.S. John Kerry – to denounce Russia’s actions in Syria – and to propose further sanctions against Russia and Russians.

Ever wonder what hypocrisy is people?

This is against the backdrop of the U.S. assisting militarily in Yemen – assisting Saudi Arabia to kill thousands of innocent people – not to mention bombing funerals and weddings.


So the game goes on – oh and Boris – I did appreciate your comments on Hillary Clinton – amazed that the appointment as Foreign Minister – cannot automatically erase past gaffs.

Mind you was impressed –

She’s got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.”

He also compared her to Lady Macbeth.

So – when Hillary does become President of the U.S. of A. – does one Boris Johnson change ministership to Urban Affairs?


Popcorn anyone?









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