There will be a war!

Reget that in times of global economic malaise – the leaders of countries attempt to divert attention away from their consistent blunders on economic affairs.

Reading the news reports this morning confirmed intentions.


1. Soros – in my opinion one of the most evil persons on this planet has pointedly accused Russia’s Putin of heinous crimes – this coming from the one person who appears to have both Obama and Clinton in his wallet.


2. Russia has openly stated that should the U.S.A. attack Syrian assets in Syria then that in itself is a war crime and they will retaliate. In short order both the s300 and s400 ground to air defense systems are now armed. Do not discount these two defense systems – they are extremely effective and will take out any plane within their range.


3. The U.S. military leaders appear to be reluctant to instigate a ‘no fly zone’ over Syria – but it is being openly discussed by the Obama administration – as stated by the military leaders – this would mean an act of war against Russia.


4.  The U.S. military leaders refuse to enter into and ceasefire in Syria – all due to the simple fact that they would be required to disclose U.S. assets on the ground – in Syria and Iraq. This would expose their support of certain terrorists plus their so called ‘advisers’ on the ground.


5. Iraq has threatened Turkey with war – if they do not remove their military from the country – yes Turkey has significant assets in Iraq and it is a mystery as to why they have been tolerated by the Iraqi administration so far.


The saber rattling by the U.S. administration and NATO is increasing at an alarming rate – and amongst all these accusations and threats Russia has maintained diplomatic relations and still seeks a peace accord in Syria – but on the condition that the U.S. comply with their side of the bargain.

This is being ‘set-up’ by the U.S. administration and they have garnished support from Soros – this no doubt will benefit Soros – and his investments and investors at the end of the day.


Note. Am re-reading the recent two IMF economic releases – will lodge a post shortly on the matters raised. Aware that readers are getting a tad fed up with Syrian tensions.


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