Checkmate Putin……

Checkmate Putin Indeed.

In Summary – Russia and the U.S. form an alliance – initiated by Russia – and the U.S. military complex takes full advantage and decides to bomb Syrian government’s military positions to allow ISIS to advance in a vital region.

Killing at least 62 Syrian soldiers – the U.S. says it was a ‘mistake’ – this with four aircraft and one drone with the ‘state of the art’ electronic identification systems plus satellite data pinpointing Syrian Army positions.

Note please that the Syrian position was a secured fixed position – a collection of guns with two hundred odd soldiers atop a hill guarding the airfield – uniformed soldiers who sure don’t look like ISIS position.

For the U.S. – it is very difficult to argue that it was in the heat of the moment – as with the Afghanistan hospital attack – or the wrong co-ordinates mistake – as with the Syrian hospital.

Checkmate to Putin.

The world media cannot ignore this gross violation.

Well – one presumes that they cannot – Russia has taken the blame for the Syrian hospital destruction – even though undertaken by the U.S. Air Force out of their Turkish air base.


So in detail – why checkmate.

The kleptocrat President Putin has been in the firing line for everything lately – hacking the Democrats data base – and other databases around the world – apparently poisoning Hillary Clinton – invoking a war standing against NATO – and the list goes on.

Well how does Russia and in particular Putin handle the situation – where the western mainstream media continue their never ending rant against the old Cold War enemy – if not Obama or Clinton pointing the finger it is NATO’s relentless saber rattling.

Does the phrase ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ ring a bell?

I see a checkmate – Obama and CentCom lose to Putin.

Chess is a good game – in Politics – one should understand chess – and in Informal Politics – which is understood as forming alliances – exercising power and protecting and advancing particular ideas or goals – one should be an astute chess player.

No better example of this when Putin and the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov negotiated with the U.S. Secretary of State – John Kerry – and this approved through the White House – that both Russia and the U.S. air forces would jointly target terrorist groups in Syria in which:-

1. Both parties would know what each other was doing – avoid conflict.
2. Terrorists targeted would be jointly approved – but designated as ISIS for the sake of no misunderstanding.
3. Both parties could avoid the ‘good guys’ – a ‘mute’ point as the U.S. supports their trained terrorist groups and the Russians support the democratic Syrian government.


So as in chess – Russia offered a pseudo sacrifice – basically allying with their nemesis the U.S. – and in the process sacrificed their and Syria’s military blueprints – offensive tactics against the terrorists.

My thoughts on the sheer arrogance of the U.S. has been detailed on this blog previously – war crimes committed in Afghanistan and Syria – whereby the U.S. Air Force has been responsible for bombing hospitals – killing innocent civilians and doctors – it was Russia who sought and obtained from the United Nations a resolution – that the U.S. cease and desist this practice.

Then in Syria – the U.S. supporting weapon deliveries and supplies to the so called U.S. trained terrorists – who just so happen are fighting the Syrian Army.

If one looks at the U.S. use of drones throughout the Middle East – to kill civilians en-masse – and it is only brought to the public’s attention when an ally civilian is killed – at a cost to the U.S. by the way – the latest being US$1 billion paid in compensation to the family of an innocent victim.

So whilst I dislike Putin – I tend to despise the U.S. Government and military complex and in particular the President – yes – it is he that is ultimately responsible.

With the latest U.S. Air Force foray in Syria – it is their first Combat Air Strike operation in partnership with Russia – for all intents and purposes against ISIS – or was it?

Bear in mind the Syrian position that was bombed is large – compared to terrorists targets – Syrian Army artillery base – which has been in position since the end of June this year.

It is – or should I say was – located strategically on the top of a hill overlooking and protecting the airfield that aid is parachuted into for the nearby besieged town and had in position a collection of fixed armaments and up to 299 Syrian army soldiers.

Something one could not miss from the U.S. reconnaissance aircraft – nor satellite.

The U.S. Air Force attacked the location – four planes assisted by a drone – and no – the Syrian army did not fight back – obviously aware that the U.S. are their new allies.

Simply amazing though was that ISIS were in a position to attack the Syrian base immediately after the bombing finished.

Russia has advised that with the large number of dead – damage done and the area now secured by ISIS – they are having a real problem stopping the Syrian Government from taking revenge against the United States.

So checkmate to Russia – to Putin.

The U.S. and in particular CentCom are either idiots or fools – dumb enough to openly show their true colors – not only to the Syrian regime – but to the world.


Russia – just had to report the truth – if revenge is on the Syrian regimes mind will that trigger WWIII ?







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