Soros – global puppet master

Soros is Hillary’s puppet master

Well not to be outdone – Wikileaks has now leaked emails linking them both. (1)

The e-mail was sent from Soros’ aide to Richard Verma – then the Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs who forwarded it to several of Clinton’s top aides including Huma Abedin – Jacob Sullivan – and one Philip Gordon.

Sullivan was the one that forwarded it to Clinton.

Only three days after Clinton received the e-mail from Soros – the EU ended up sending Soros’ suggested nominee Lajcak to mediate the civil unrest – via BBC. (2)



Footnote – it was commented to me that Obama’s support of Clinton is no different than Putin’s support of Medvedov – I was taken aback and said in which way?

Putin had to campaign hard to get Medvedov in the spotlight – not liked in the party and basically unknown amongst the majority of Russians – in so doing – Putin cancelled important events and personal time to get the oligarchs involved.

This is no different than Obama’s support of Clinton – especially in light of cancelling his Hawaii golf trip to get the party faithful to acquire tickets to a $33,000 per head fundraiser.

Clinton obviously could not sell the seats by herself – wonder whether Soros will turn up?


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