Carpetbagger – Pure Evil – Hacked

Seems that George Soros is now public enemy Number One.

The joy – not – but will have a good read.

Definitely not for the brainwashed.



Edit: August 16th

Okay – wow – simply amazing.

These documents are brilliant – regret not answering emails as I have been totally immersed within these ‘hacked documents’ – Soros is truly one mean greedy s.o.b. and the U.S.  Government – licks this blokes ass!

Policy of one George Soros – let EU – NATO with the assistance of the US – bloody Russia’s nose in Ukraine – whilst he ‘carpet bags’ the assets.

And I do love this comment people’s…

“Europe needs to wake up and recognize that it is attacking Russia. Help Ukraine is also regarded as an expense of the EU in defense. In this context, is discussed amounts are insignificant.”

The U.S. Administration certainly has taken drastic action to make the U.S. and Russian relationship far worse than one would anticipate – this Soros has some political clout.

I invite readers to look at the minutes of the meeting March 2014 – between Soros – U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt – along with leadership members of the Ukrainian regime.

Take all this into context of what actually transpired – and one Victoria Nulands input into the Ukraine leadership – yes with those famous words “….fuck the E.U.”


Extracts are from Scribd.

Documents reviewed – full listing of other documents is listed at the bottom of the Scribd page.


By the way – this cartoon says it all.

Now he is backing Clinton Cankels.

And I leave you with this quote from Georgie Boy.








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