Turkey Military Coup attempt.

Had to happen  – Erdogan went to far.

History repeats – Army attempted to other throw Government and re-institute constitution.




Edit: In Germany in early December – befriended Jens – pilot who stated that he had flown with Turkish pilots and they were ‘nice blokes’ – no different to any other military personnel.

It comes as no surprise then – that they should attempt to overthrow the corrupt Erdogan regime.

The constitution separated church and state – Erdogan and his family had abused their powers consistently and it was just a matter of time.

I hope that all foreign powers just sit down and wait – and do not get involved – the consequences may be far worse.

List of Coups (and attempted Coup) listed here:



Edit: August 5 2016

Yes when I wrote the blog entry the coup had started – but due to reading various items off mainstream media – it was obvious that this was not a full blooded coup – otherwise Erdogan would have been deleted at the hotel he was staying at – or in the air when he was transported to a safe haven – as two Turkey Air Force fighter jets decided to join the existing jets escorting the President.

There is no better plan for Erdogan now – to rid Turkey of all ‘his’ detractors – the process has started and it will be painful for those that do oppose him.

And with these events now crystalized – there will be no entry into the European Union.


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