European Banks

Well Pierre’ – yes fully aware of the commotion on the Italian banks and their non-performing loans.


But please speak to an Italian ‘in the know’ and their comment would be “what’s new?”

Yes regret to inform all and sundry it is nothing new – I was amazed with the countries Debt to GDP ratio a few years back  – after the research realized that for some reason this country just plods along with these debts – so ‘what’s new?’

Now of Deutsche Bank  – yes derivative exposure high and share price low – not single digit yet!

When at single digit time to panic.


But I fear two things will happen – Germany will stand behind the Bank – as Switzerland did with Credit Suisse – or the European Central Bank will intervene in all European banks.

Yes they are all interconnected.



Edit – spelling ‘Deutsche’ – to err is human



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