Silly Willy – A big stick hit the bear




Well Porky Poroshenko – President of Ukraine – (aka Willy Wonker and his chocolate factory)  – has been up to no good with Ukrainian units – bombing electrical infrastructure and some 20 houses in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.

The local militia retaliated – killing 9 and wounding 19 Ukrainian soldiers.

Not reported by mainstream media – as I have said before – this will not end well.

So much for the Minsk Accord – so much for the UN ground monitors – and as per usual the biased Ukrainian news have a slant on the story – to ensure a balanced review I have the Ukrainian link below.

Question – why did they have to take out the electrical sub-station and aim their weapons at 20 residential houses?



As reported by DNI news:

“In total nine AFU servicemen killed, 19 wounded as a result of unsuccessful attacks on the DPR positions in the areas of the localities of Gorlovka and Avdeyevka, reported the Vice-Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry operative command Donetsk Eduard Basurin.

Tonight the AFU units of the 53d brigade made an attempt to advance deep into our defense to 700 meters near Gorlovka, and for this purpose applied large-caliber artillery and mortars on residential districts. Our units managed to repel the attack of the enemy near Gorlovka. The AFU suffered losses: six Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 12 were wounded.

According to Basurin, as a result of the firings of Gorlovka 16 houses were damaged. Meanwhile the same night the units of the AFU 16th battalion of the 58th brigade made an attempt to attack near the occupied locality of Avdeyevka to the North from Donetsk.

Because of unprofessional actions of the command the enemy suffered irretrievable losses in number of three dead and about seven wounded.”


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