British should wake up – Electoral Commission has no ethics

Quite frankly if anyone had an ounce of grey matter in the United Kingdom – they would realise that when Prime Minister Heath signed the Lisbon Accord – he signed away Britain’s sovereignty.

Simple – illegal as it was – the British sovereignty no longer existed after the Lisbon Treaty was signed.

Brexit – Britain leaving the EU – is one subject that I will leave to the Poms – but – your government – and in particular the Electoral Commission are unethical twats.

They allowed this ‘How to Vote’ card to be delivered to postal voters.


In case one missed it ….



Apparently – 47,000 – before it was stopped.

That is not the point – it should not have been condoned in the first place.

This has similarities to another voter card.


Mind you if Britain stays in the E.U. – I understand that Merkel is jockeying to be head honcho of the E.U. when her current term expires in Germany.

Just saying – just saying.



Hat Tip to Pierre.

Whilst The Telegraph U.K. a column on this left wing Guardian has covered it a tad better.



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