Obama – his legacy?

Obama- Your legacy as President

Well I heard one President Obama told a student gathering in the U.K. that one of his legacies whilst President was that he stopped another Great Depression.


Amazing – I cannot see how he stopped this – may have kicked the can down the road for a few years – but definitely did nothing to stop or diminish the economic collapse coming.

Strange – from the Nobel Peace prize winner – he does not count mass slaughter of innocent civilians through his US Drone strike policy and bombing hospitals in Afghanistan and Syria.



Mind you the United Nations now do – they have Adopted an 80 member state resolution that the U.S. should cease and desist bombing hospitals.

Adopting resolution 2286 (2016), which was co-sponsored by more than 80 Member States, the 15-member Council strongly condemned attacks and threats against the wounded and sick, medical personnel and humanitarian personnel exclusively engaged in medical duties, their means of transport and equipment, as well as hospitals and other medical facilities.  It deplored the long-term consequences of such attacks for the civilian populations and health-care systems of the countries concerned.

And what did the U.S. representative say?

“…..expressed regret over that country’s air strikes on the MSF hospital, and offered condolences, noting that more than a dozen military personnel had been disciplined for the errors that had led to the bombing.  She also voiced regret over last week’s horrific attack in Aleppo, which had killed at least 27 people, saying it was clear that the Syrian regime was deliberately targeting medical workers and facilities.”

That last sentence was bullshit – it was a US bomber attack that specifically targeted the hospital in Aleppo Syria.

How do I know?

Russia did not have aircraft in the sky – Syrian pilots too inexperienced – and that only leaves the main H.B.C. (Hospital Bombing Culprits) the U.S.A.F. – with their precision weaponry.

Check out anything – but mainstream media – otherwise you are assured of first degree bullshit.


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