Many Dark Ages Through Human History

I had the opportunity to read on a few subjects and in so doing realized that many ancient civilizations imploded – in so doing human discoveries were lost – then history was rewritten – simplified and dumbed down – so too many questions could not be asked.

  • Cutting tools utilized to cut the stone to construct the pyramids around the globe. Well go further and look at the actual alignment in construction in countries apart. Then realize that cocaine was in use in Egypt. And why not – I will side with Dr Peter Lu of Yale University that Chinese had compound machines 3,000 years ago – no reason why the technology was not used by the pyramid builders. At least that makes sense rather than the dubious methods thrust upon us by others.


  • Heron of Alexandria – Proclus – Archimedes – Ctesibius – Ptolomy – Hippocrates simply brilliant. Then Homer – right on nearly everything – yet we have no trace of the Atlantean’s.


Wow – early slot machines – imagine one armed bandits in the Colosseum.

  • Then we have the Antikythera Mechanism – clockwork precision and have to mention that Baghdad battery. Was the latter used for illegal purposes?


Cataclysmic events played a part in the destruction of knowledge – as too ignorance – and wars.

Civilisation has been around for a long time – suffered a great deal and had to constantly rebuild from the ground up.

Just think for a moment – if there were no Dark Ages – if this knowledge was utilized fully and evolved over this time.

In saying all that – anyone familiar with Electromagnetic Pulse and the single most important problem generated by our own Sun?



Yes the magnetic poles flip on earth – as they do on the sun – every few hundred thousand years – and in so doing the magnetic shield weakens.

New data suggests that the shields are weakening at apace – hence the increased impact of solar activity on our weather and the earths crust.

The last EMP recorded to influence the earth was the Carrington Event in 1859 – but from what I have read we were lucky to dodge a coronial event in 2012.

That – when our magnetic shields are weakening at ten times faster than initially predicted – impact if collided with earth – catastrophic.



But hey – don’t think about this too much – will give you a headache.


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