It is not Trumpism – It is Jacksonian

The popularity of one Donald Trump has taken America and the world by storm.


A lot of people in powerful places are a tad shocked at the rise of the Donald – a crass and narcissistic individual who knows little about politics.

This is not about Donald Trump – this episode of democracy has been displayed in American history previously and has resurfaced due to inept Government policies – corruption – and cronyism.


Welcome to the new short-lived Jacksonian era.

“Jacksonian democracy is the political movement toward greater democracy for the common man typified by American politician Andrew Jackson and his supporters. Jackson’s policies followed the era of Jeffersonian democracy which dominated the previous political era.”


It is just a revolution by the constituency against the ruling elite.

If Mr Donald Trump does get elected the next President – the tenure will by only one term – for the simple reason that the Congress will refuse to work with him.

In regard to the corruption in the US Congress and the Senate – plus the influence of lobbyists for major financial houses and oligarchs – this can only be addressed at a grass roots level.


These self serving corrupt individuals have to be voted out of office.

That I doubt will happen – the money and power behind the mainstream media will make Mr Trump’s presidency ‘hell on earth’.

In the meantime the world is watching – Americans are watching – as the ruling elite squirm and at the same time tear their own party apart.





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