I missed this April Fool


Obama said during a news conference at the end of a nuclear security summit in Washington on April 1 that the approach Turkish authorities have been taking toward the press could lead the country down a troubling path.

From Reuters

“There is no doubt that President Erdogan has been repeatedly elected through a democratic process, but I think the approach that they’ve been taking towards the press is one that could lead Turkey down a path that would be very troubling.”
Obama also said he had openly spoken with Erdogan about “very troubling” developments in Turkey, especially in regard to freedom of the press, religion and democracy. “I have expressed this to him directly so it’s no secret, that there are some trends within Turkey that I have been troubled with.”

It should be noted that Obama said that Turkey is a NATO ally and an important partner in fighting terrorism.

Now that is the best April Fool’s day joke for 2016.

From one FOOL to another FOOL

April Fools' Day
Just a quick reminder. It’s April Fools’ today,so, don’t believe everything you hear (and not just today!).







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