Arse – given the chocolate handshake.


My least favorite Arse of all time is leaving the Willy Wonker Chocolate Factory.


Yes the weasel Arse – finally we are seeing his arse end. Having been asked to resign by Porky (aka Willy Wonker).

Victoria Nuland must be spitting chips now that her neo-Nazi hand puppet is leaving parliament – well one hopes that he does resign.

Arse and I go well back on this blog – who could forget this brilliant episode in Germany – with Merkel.



So now he is being asked to resign – and nothing has changed in the Country  – oligarchs fighting oligarchs – government corruption rampant and this will get a lot more volatile now.


Chart from Bloomberg – with thanks.


See the ‘orange’ slice of this pie –  well that is Arse’s party – the People’s Front a “very very” right party and the followers of which are neo-nazi’s – yes the arsewipes creating havoc in West Ukraine.

Those ones that western media have glorified during the civil war – as the poor sods – together with the Ukrainian military – fighting the ‘whole’ Russian army.

Any way this is my take on the situation.


So with whom now does Willy Wonker bring into the chocolate factory to shore up the coalition?

It has to be one in the same – otherwise this government will collapse – and then all hell will break loose before the next election.

Ukraine is riddled with corruption and effectively bankrupt.

They cannot and will not get their house into order – the power of money is just far too great – oligarchs against oligarchs – while the people suffer and no resolution in site for Eastern Ukraine.

The sore just festers.

Thankyou U.S. – I.M.F. and our favorite carpetbagger Soros.








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