Vale Justice Antonin Scalia



The Daily Mail UK reports

“Senior Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead on Saturday in a luxury resort in West Texas, authorities say.

Scalia, 79, died of apparent natural causes while he stayed at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.

Justice Antonin Scalia was a man of God – a patriot – and above all else – a defender of the American Constitution and the Rule of Law.

The one majority vote -in the Supreme Court which defeated so many perverted attempts to alter the Constitution – he was not disloyal nor corrupted.

My concern is that those who wish to abuse their power within the Democrats and Republican Parties – will make a political appointment to this vacant position.

Any successor who is appointed – who is not as fiercely loyal to the Constitution and the Rule of Law – then God Bless America – because no one else will.





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