No more unintended consequences

The long diatribe stopped in the last post.

We are basically at the mercy of the Government and they just want to spend our monies.


The Central Banks – who are just supporting the Government’s spending policies.



Politicians – who just love the power and are corruptible.




Banks and Hedge Funds – know the term ‘golden jubilee’ – the Bible mentions it – as does the Koran – practiced through the ages – but bankers would prefer the ongoing illusion that it does not exist.

They are more intent on corrupting everyone – every country with debt.




And the people – who are intent on maintaining the status quo.




We have to live within our budget – why do not governments live within their budgets?

It seems that the taxpayers suffer for the government’s apparent right to spend monies – whilst they are feathering their own nests.


No – I do not know the author – but how right she or he is.

Sad – but true indictment on our society – we prefer to maintain the status quo without question.







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