IMF Study Calling for Gov. Subsidized Slavery and German Wealth Confiscation Expose The True Globalist Nature of the Refugee Crisis

Why Willyloman?

Well I know I am crazy – this bloke just thinks he is.

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Is anyone else troubled by the thought of German troops snatching the gold and valuables from refugees as they file off the cattle-cars? Bring to mind anything else? Anyone?

from the Huffington Post: Barack Obama posing for photo-op with cute little refugee girl to promote his Weapons of Mass Migration campaign

A couple months ago, the refugee crisis was all the rage. We were being told how evil and dastardly we were when we questioned the fake little dead boy stories or talked openly about Kelly M. Greenhill’s weapons of mass migration campaigns (their terminology, not mine). As the Huffington Post presented each and every refugee as a light-skinned, English-speaking adorable little girl in order to appeal to white liberals, places like Islamaphobic Di$info Jone$’ website presented them all as raving, baby-raping crazed Muslims just waiting to kill all the Christians and impose Sharia Law…

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