The lovely thing about Government debt.

Government on debt “we owe it to ourselves” – accepted dogma in the government and financial circles and accepted by the ‘serfs’ – you – the taxpayers the population.

Oft wondered what happened to ones ‘doctrine of rights’ – a quaint custom – each individual the free exercise of conscience, the right and control of property, and ‘a happy’ life.

Mind you this doctrine throughout history instigated revolution.

And so it goes out the window in that the theory of an individual’s rights ‘may be infringed upon’ – in order to benefit a greater population – yes irrespective of the percentage of greater population – it is the ‘elected’ government that makes these rules on the presumption that they were elected to do so.

In essence we ‘have no property’ rights – you see taxes are raised and then payment demanded by the government – non payment means confiscation and sale of the subjects property – to the reduction of your tax debt.

Our debts – our government debts – are your debts – you have no control on where that money is spent – your governed by the governors – you are all serfs – the property belongs to the State and your right to use it limited – to whether you have paid all taxes.


Oh – and that ‘meta-data’ collection that your government has made law – seems that the Taxation Office has the right to review – collate – and postulate – as to your wealth. In so doing make any amended ‘Notice of Assessment’ as required.



Just increase the monies that can be spent – you see they have run out of money and need to increase available revenue.


I do not object to taxes – my objection is to how they spend this money – increased bureaucracy – increased malinvestments – increased interest payments on new debt.

We have to operate within a budget – why can’t a government?




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