What is it about this black flag?


Yes a few noxious emails over my post ‘Stop waving that black flag (1).

Okay – so Mr Smith is using his rights to also boycott the Oscars – due to his wife’s statements and actions on the issue of the non representation of ‘black’ people in this years Oscars.

Or is it Mr Smith will support his wife – to avoid a domestic dispute?


Read it whichever way you like – that is the freedom of thought.

Please note however – that you are not allowed to say this publicly – as it will be skewed that you are indeed a misogynist – racist – and throw in – good old fashioned sexist.

Ever wondered why they chose the Oscars to boycott?

Why did they not just boycott the studios that are responsible for the content, actors etal?

Like hello – is not the Oscars a recognition of the best stories, directors, script writers – the actors from the best films?


  1. https://millermatters.wordpress.com/2016/01/18/just-stop-waving-that-black-flag/

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