Obama – Stupid, as Stupid, as Stupid…




I actually am convinced that the US is run by pea-brain idiots with a stupid – ‘as stupid can get’ President.

Lift sanctions against Iran – anger Israel and House of SAud in the process – then allow two of your navy vessels to be impounded – with the crews for infringing Iranian waters  – negotiating early release, whilst concocting new sanctions to be applied against the country.

Like hello America – what was this over?

Iran’s ballistic missile program – a missile test of a rocket that will not carry a nuclear warhead?

So a country is ‘not’ allowed to develop its own rocket – deemed an aggressive action – although in their region – the House of Saud / Qatar / UAE can acquire over $30 billion worth of offensive military equipment from the US.

Plus ssshhhh – Israel has nuclear capabilities.

President Rouhai says Iran has a right to continue developing its missiles since they are not capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

“As the US government is clearly still pursuing its hostile policies and illegal meddling … the armed forces need to quickly and significantly increase their missile capacity.”

Yes – touche’ – otherwise what happened in Iraq – Libya – Syria will be transported through to Iran – courtesy of corporate America and a ‘stupid as stupid can get’ US government.


A final thought – when the US navy again infringe Iranian waters – which they will – what happens when these navy boys are detained longer than one night?


Edit: Not my final thoughts – picked this up a few seconds ago which should close this nicely.

Iran has accused the US of hypocrisy and said that new sanctions imposed by the US are illegal, as arms sold by Washington are being used against people in Palestine and Yemen, the Iranian Foreign Ministry has stated.

As Palestine is now recognized as a State by the UN.




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