Devolution and as the ‘End of Empire’

Devolution and as the End of Empire – Guest Post

Rarely do I post an article from third parties – this one is special.

Please take the time to read and understand.

Falls into Ashes

The Phoenix Rises

“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, we’re afraid!” they responded.
“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, We will fall!” they responded.
“Come to the edge,” he said.
And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.”

― Guillaume Apollinaire



Waterbear – Judith Westerfield


Eye of Science

Introduction: Psychoanalysis

Mankind is powerless against mankind, and the gods, as ever, show it the ways of fate. …

In the realm of consciousness we are our own masters – but if we step through the door of the shadow we discover with terror that we are the objects of unseen factors.

To know this is decidedly unpleasant, for nothing is more disillusioning than the discovery of our own inadequacy – It can even give rise to primitive panic, because, instead of being believed in, the anxiously guarded supremacy of consciousness – which is in truth one of the secrets of human success – is questioned in the most dangerous way – but since ignorance is no guarantee of security, and in fact only makes our insecurity still worse, it is probably better, despite our fear, to know where the danger lies.

Jung asked the question, and let it follow by intuitively felt concern though not by an answer:

To ask the right question is already half the solution of a problem.

At any rate we then know that the greatest danger threatening us comes from the unpredictability of the psyche’s reactions. Discerning persons have realized for some time that external historical conditions, of whatever kind, are only occasions, jumping-off grounds, for the real dangers that threaten our lives.

These are the present politico-social delusional systems.

We should not regard them casually, as necessary consequences of external conditions, but as decisions precipitated by the collective unconscious.

It seems that Jung had world communism in mind; for national-socialism’s upsurge, as some scholars have brought to light, Jung had only an attitude of sympathy and did not describe it as a delusional system; with Judeo-Christianity; he felt an urge to part.

My thesis, then, is as follows: In addition to our immediate consciousness, which is of a thoroughly personal nature and which we believe to be the only empirical psyche (even if we tack on the personal unconscious as an appendix), there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually, but is inherited. It consists of pre-existent forms, the archetypes. …“Pre-existent” means since the emergence of the human race. Velikovsky

I wonder what you, the Reader, et al, consider just what Socialism really is, and just how this religion of Economics, and “Government” (an elite dominating Power Cult) management fit into this contemporaneous schema.

Let me start by saying that the structure of the Economics Industry / Profession is like the Vatican; an overall structure and hierarchical organization, which believes it is the center of the Universe (Catholic, sic) and its “wisdom” – comes from no other but the only Supreme Authority (which collaborates only to economists).

This eye rolling Cult Supremo comprises of perhaps hundreds of “Christian-like” autonomous Cults which tend to fly the same flag, publicly, when convenient, but generally engage in subterfuge continually and consistently, as policy, in order to eventually get into the ‘ear-of-ultimate-power’ for the purpose of self agenda and profit; typically expressed as some tortured version of Totalitarianism.

Economics: Short version:

Economics is a business of institutional religion, structured and organized for purposes of Totalitarian Control, in order to imperceptibly harvest the productivity of the proto-Human Capital for purposes of Power and Profit, ad infinituum, with the least amount of effort /work. Indeed, Pluralism, as stated.

Empire: Extract ‘asepp’

“ The size of government has increased from 20 percent of GDP to over 36 percent of GDP in 70 years. This fact of gradual increase in the size of government is called here creeping socialism, which has occurred also in other Western countries.

In a cross-sectional study of 40 countries over a recent 10-year period, it was shown empirically that, on average, increasing socialism leads to decreasing economic growth(Sy, 2015c). This observation holds true longitudinally also for the US economy in the years since the WW2, as the following chart shows.”

“In summary, the cause of growing US government budget deficits is not primarily due to increases in government consumption, as is often assumed, but is due principally to growing unfunded transfer payments in social security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment and other social welfare payments. Wealth transfer through social welfare payments is the hallmark of socialism. Clearly, this policy does not represent American capitalism as it is commonly understood nor is it neoliberalism of neoclassical economics – it is socialism. “

“In brief, American saving has been borrowed by the government and spent on social welfare to increase consumption. The fact that increased consumption has not resulted in increased economic growth, due to the Keynesian fallacy, means that American saving is at risk in the sense that, in future, the US government may not fully fulfill, i.e. default on, its promises to its savers and pensioners. “



Socialism is the tendency towards Totalitarianism, which, in the most ancient of times at the birth of Life itself, was that which is today referred to by Psychoanalysts as the Collective Unconscious, found as the primitive, even primary, default mechanism in all men equally, unless defeated through the Catharsis of evolution and Individual self-determination; a natural Principle.


“The abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of credit…In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation.”

Capitalism, the short version:

The Right of Human Beings (includes, proto-Humans) to exchange property without interference. Under such definition, every deal is a good deal which brings values to Society – unless, there are the middleman e.g. Tax Man, Banker, Government, Agent, other bodies and all other, unproductive parasites, as it is today.

“By virtue of exchange, one man’s prosperity is beneficial to all others”. – Frederic Bastiat


The ordained Right of the proto-Human to Vote for a political representative that will steal the result of other peoples productivity, of individual and collective, physical and intelligence, efforts, so that they may remain idle in comfort and ease. In other words, to survive where not normally possible; it is a technology captured by the political adept and called correctly, in its own right, bribery.


Well, the above describes Socialism well, but hence, this mandate is brought into Law and empowers those representatives, aka as Government, to steal from those that don’t empower them and give to those which do. The natural extension is to steal from all that produce and give as little as possible to others, until the next delusional democratic election. Nothing new here, and it really the forced re-distribution of the work of the productive to the unproductive (in return for voting in favour of the re-distributor).


“Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back.”

Indeed, but why?

Plato obfuscates and Aristotle denies; Socrates stood firm and for this, he died.

The answer lies here:

Man, or the proto-Human, has not yet evolved to the Human Being.

In the proto-Human, the urge of the Collective is ever present.

Eric Hoffer call this the “True Believer”. Those who come under the embrace of the Collective (Plato’s Cave”), that is to say the proto-Human, or the unevolved, are mentally, or cognitively, under the, a priori, influence of the “Collective Consciousness” (Blueler, Freud, Jung, Velikovsky, et al) and not fully in command of their own thoughts and actions.

As a consequence, a neurotic state of mind can and does emerge constantly on the world stage of “elite leaders” when stresses contort these incompetent unaccomplished. Can this not be observed daily in Global and domestic affairs?

“My thesis, then, is as follows: In addition to our immediate consciousness, which is of a thoroughly personal nature and which we believe to be the only empirical psyche (even if we tack on the personal unconscious as an appendix), there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually, but is inherited. It consists of pre-existent forms, the archetypes. …” Jung

Then, there is the fact, that all life specie are innately empowered only by subjectivity (and distrust); Survival, a priori, if one prefers; the Theory of Objectivity in unevolved humanity cannot and does not pass the test of time and as a consequence, does not exist in the affairs of the proto-Human, or apparent civilization today; yet.

As such, the temper of the proto-Human has not yet been steeled, nor forged. He suffers the vagaries of trauma collectively past; Fear and all its fates of circumstance, constantly under attack by emotion and imagination; hate, ‘tribal nationalism’ (Arendt), lack of integrity, lost in the swirling energies of the cyclone and the prevailing guilt of unknown sexuality and its deep repressional tortures and terrors.

“A neurotic state results from triggering an explosive precipitate inherited from ancestral generations. Early trauma-defence-latency-outbreak of neurotic illness-partial return of the repressed. Such is the formula which we have laid down for the development of a neurosis. “

For those which embrace the Collective, any Collective belief, as their raison d’etre, has, as their default functional consciousness, an immediate fall-back position in the Collective Unconscious; a primitive and most ancient belief system, originating in the time prior to vocal communications; perhaps the beginning of Life itself.

Accordingly, this Collective Unconscious has not evolved; does not evolve, belonging to the most ancient of times, of which we know little.

The danger being the neurosis, the paranoia and intensive fear of all that is confronted. In other words; hence induced, as all becomes dread leading to obvious extreme perversions and irrationality that have escaped the Catharsis of evolution in feedback looping over the experiential development of humanity of ages in millennium.

Velikovsky – suggests that we are on the cusp of Nuclear annihilation.

As today, we can observe all these neurosis being played out openly and publicly, confidence walks with the ones that concur with Velikovsky’s fears.

Are these neuroses not be played out in the exact identical form in many nations today; from Israel, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, the USA, Mexico, Libya, Egypt and many others?

Can this Thesis be denied?

Is it not incontrovertible that the insanities and irrationalities in behaviours,, which include the most despicable of murders, rapes, genocides, tortures, bombings, executions, pedophilia, etc., are from the same library of barbaric, and repressed psychotic inheritance?

No matter to what Collective the proto-Human belongs, and remains loyal, this Collective Unconscious is identically distributed and comes with the same set of perversions in behaviours when engaged by Fear and Stress.

Today, everywhere we look, this is blatantly apparent; no matter which nation, which village; which institutional religion; which governing authority; insanity and irrationality are pervasive identical.

This most primitive default mindset known as the Collective Unconscious is Totalitarianism, a priori, and in essence, the primitive urge of the Collective.

(In the Book of Genesis, YHVH shows Adam, aka Humanity, out of the Garden to make himself by his own hand. This is evolution. Special Note: The Book of Genesis is a work or meta-physics unequaled by any scientific work produced since, correctly translated and interpreted and written originally well before the 4th. Millennium BCE.)

What has this to do with Economics, you ask?


Everything. And, it is to be, Physics; “science” being the popular term.

If Economics is to become useful to humanity, collectively, and Objective, then it must make a Pact with Humanity – and Humanity with it.

This was called a Republic (of Law) – but not a Republic where the Economist (or others) make the Laws and re-distributes the wealth of productivity and elects the non-elite of humanity as Capital.

All men to be respected as individuals and stand themselves as Individuals.

No classes, no Collective, no preferences; all equal in the eye of the Law.

The Individual is responsible for the Individual. Respect.

A Republic which recognizes that Socialism is the devolution of Society and Humanity by way of returning the cognitive intelligence of its peoples into the primitive default Collective Unconsciousness mechanism, condemns all men.

Or, Socialism is the Collective Unconscious. It is Devolution.

It is crasse political ignorance and social criminal irresponsibility

As shown below in the reference material, and noted within the text, in excerpt, the USA has devolved economically and spiritually.

There is no Respect; there are only Lies and Denial.

What does it matter if the USA collapses and what does this mean?

Answer: Not much; Life goes on.

Power will vacate the US centres and will move (is moving) to the GMT +8 Longitude from Vladivostok in Russia (a warm water Port in Winter) to Perth in Australia (an efficient supplier of Iron Ore and Copper).

Along this time-line, China will build (is building) High-speed Rail infrastructure throughout the World, managed from Beijing.

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore will provide (are providing) the specialist financial services; a 100 year project that will bring growth and wealth to the whole World.

Europe will be able to break the USA vassal death grip and join with Russia and China for a trans-European adventure without US war mongering.

The USA will divest itself of its current infestation of insane “leaders” and all that hangs off them.

The USA will become reborn – for want of a better expression.

For this purpose, the USA retains its Constitution, Preamble and Bill of Rights; the most magnificent statement of Human Rights and Human Dignity ever created and of great Intellect; an expression of Human greatness and capability; momentarily lost to lesser men..


Mathematics do not predict; mathematics describe.

Models are extrapolations, false assumptions and as such, mostly meaningless.

Physics is founded in Principles while Causation is a constant.

Experience builds the Intuitive centre of the Humanity, which together with the Animistic centre, builds the Intellect, from where the proto-Human is reborn as a Human Being; a Man

Accomplished. This is the natural Physics of Human evolution, as explained and written in ancient text.


But, there are too many vested interests in the current criminal mismanagement of the global affairs of humanity to expect any opportunity to even begin to build and appropriate “economics” system before the current racketeering and protection schemes collapse’ and, collapse they must, and will.

Humanity has a history of burning the Messenger they call Heretic. While, “they”, this elite “economist”, would far prefer a nuclear global holocaust prior to having their credentials challenged or their Banking System legitimized. This being due solely to the unevolved state of humanity, and their preferred Subjectivity of ‘Recursive Scamming’ (looting) of the proto-Human Capital.

Until, the evolving Humanity of Objectivity orientation can come forward without fear of death by burning, and worse, as the norm, the affairs of men will evolve towards Total Nuclear extermination of all Life on Earth.

In order to avoid this insanity, Humanity need only, simply evolve.

The faster, the better.

If we want to do this; we will do this; if not, we will not.



Creeping American Socialism

Velikovsky, Immanuel, Mankind in Amnesia

Arendt, Hannah, The Origins of Totalitarianism

Engel, Pierre, Adam and Eve, The Solar Temptation

Mandelbrot, Benoit, The Misbehaviour of Markets

d’Olivet, Fabre, The Sepher of Moses


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