It IS the Oil price !



Oil will force the debt crisis upon sovereign states.

Sovereign states – dependent on oil – are liquidating assets.

This will include precious metals.

Global trade is dying – just that certain Governments refuse to admit this and in the meantime allow all markets to remain in turmoil.

The equity indices are in a bear market.





2 thoughts on “It IS the Oil price !

  1. You are doing a great job describing “economics”. Yet, all this has actually been described many time before when the World stood still and there was darkness on the deep and disaster was before us. “Trust us and all will be well”, they demanded: And then, there was silence after the screaming and the moans of the dying. Was it Blake or Poe? Perhaps both.

    The message from the elite is: Trust us, we know best. A better message is: “Wake the Fuck up and think for yourself.”

    Oil, is the most compounded and complete commodity in the known World today. From Plastics to Health goods, consumerism is just about all oil dependent; packaging to Medicine; from production to distribution. There is not much in the affairs of man that is not touched by oil.So what has anything of economics and the state of man to do with Oil? Surely it is the behaviours of the proto-Humans that is impacting Oil? Are the Markets the Economy? If so, and, a Socialist World, do those of the Markets, aka Wall Street, maintain the unwashed in this Socialist state? No?

    It’s the Politicians that pay us off as per the Socialist state of affairs, so as to “trust them”

    And it is clearly Wall Street that use the unwashed as Capital to create Profits – albeit for themselves.

    Subjectivity, the most effective attribute of Life itself, all life, maintains, along with innate intelligence, that the proto-human needs to not trust anyone; at most times this includes oneself. Trust the system; trust the Collective; trust, the economists, trust the Markets, trust the Politicians who call themselves “Leaders”, trust, and you get that which is given. You lose. This is the story of Humanity over the past ~12,000 years and beyond.

    If, the proto-Human were to evolve to the individual, things would be quite different. Politicians and Economists; that is to say, the elite would be non-existent, and the higher Laws of Physics would permit leaving Plato’s Cave.

    Plato alluded to the Truth where Aristotle denied the truth. That truth being that man needs to suffer in order to evolve. Man is not seperate of Life, but a part of Life..From within the Cave, one cannot see what is outside the Cave; this is an Universal Principle and out of the raw resource, man, like steel, is being tempered; this is evolution.

    There can be no “economics” where the bleating of Marx is involved (he did say some good and intelligent things but his essential foundation were wrong – as imposed by Engels, nor in applied Keynes, the most misunderstood and mis-quoted person on the planet and nor those of the FedRes, which, serve only the Banking System. No, there is no “Economics” to be found in mathematics; only Physics.

    The energy being inducted into the global economy is being depressed and limited; call it restrained as, the days of this “leadership” or elite if one prefers, has run its course by mandate; a new Order du Jour is about to emerge and be imposed. Expect the rout to continue as those of the Power Cults, proto-Humans all, object violently, like dear King John (the 3rd.?) after the Magna Carta. But, life goes on.Life will go on.

    Don’t trust and opportunity appears magically and ubiquitously; it is always pervasive, unless, of course, you trust those who demand to be trusted. In the Worlds of Blake and Poe, humanity ends in horror, suffering and death.

    You have a choice.

    Expect more Market volatility.

    Loved your Post.



    1. Yes – the problem with proto-humans and the politicians they elect will come to and end.

      Dawning on non EU countries that the whole concept of one socialist state no different to the USSR. Even more so that the EU is attempting to control media in Poland.

      Refugee crisis just brought the different ideologies to a head – Sweden’s politicians and police should be hang drawn and quartered – as too Hollande – Merkel – the throned in Brussels.

      Will happen – socialism destroying everything in its path.

      US starting to awake from their slumber – one thinks that a certain Trump may not survive through to the elections. Cruz, Clinton and the rest have ties to Banks (Sanders hasn’t – but want Clinton to be arrested – that would then set a cat amongst the proto-humans to awake from their slumber).

      UK’s Cameron just a yes man to Saudi Arabia and he himself being shown up to be a liar – Brexit vote?

      If that is postponed – which I believe he is trying to do – then the population will finally get their ‘stiff upper lip’ back. Corbyn however a Marxist – same as all the alternative parties in EU.

      So in order for the population to wake up all of these countries have to go through the Marxist agenda to realise that it is all bullshit and they end up with nothing?

      Me thinks so – socialism is the bed pan that all proto-humans depend. Just look at Australia – Turnbull is so left of centre he should have been accepted into the Labor party when he was younger (but obviously the then Labor leaders knew what an opportunistic twat he was).

      China may have a social revolution before they are subject to military’s role again.

      Russians obedience to Putin set in concrete due to the stupidity of Obama – so nothing will change here.

      Economically every country well and truly devoured by zero interest rates and devaluation implosion a la’ Japan cannot be avoided as no Central Banker has the guts to set things right.

      So yes – Poe was right that implosions of darkness will be upon us and we will not be able to exercise individualism – as the masses refuse to acknowledge that actually exists.

      And so the world turns – and everyone will blame ISIS. For ISIS is the only one to blame.

      Bugger that ….

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