Someone needs some love

What is it with Kimmy?



In retrospect I really feel that he needs some love.

The claim that today he detonated a hydrogen bomb – from me is pure bullshit.

On 5th January something happened at the bottom of Australia – an earthquake on the Pacific / Antartic plate.


Yes – strange – a rare event and my immediate thoughts were that the tectonic plates would create other rare events around the pacific plate.


Yes – the movement was felt all the way through – similar strengths.

If one looks at North Korea – Kimmy was most probably packing TNT down a mineshaft and the earth moved.

Not to be outdone by Mother Nature an immediate tweet – “for security we have detonated a hydrogen bomb” – or words to that effect.

Fair Dinkum – even if Kimmy did develop a hydrogen bomb – how the hell will he shoot it beyond 500 metres?

All his rocket testings have been abysmal failures.

Just think he needs some love.


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