Happy New Year



Yes – A new year. A new beginning.


What went wrong in 2015 – well everything – my expectations of shit was thwarted by actions in regard to:-

Numero Uno.

Yellen – deferral of interest rate rises. This was when she had the perfect opportunity to do so in June 2015. She instead listened to the Wicked Witch of the IMF – then she listened to external markets and it was only when the Yuan was accepted into the IMF world currency basket did she acquiesce and a belated increase in December 2015. Go figure!

Nothing has changed – the inevitable will still occur and to this end watching Austrian legal action with HETA. Should be through by end of February 2016. Then one has to look at the other Austrian Banks who entered into cross currency – country loans in Swiss Francs.

No one learns any lessons – this was a huge problem in the mid to late Eighties in Australia.

Will be interesting watching Poland’s stance on these loans.

Number Two.

Like WTF Australia?

A change of Government leaders in Australia and then the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) changed reporting methology – on the employment statistics.

Like ‘hello’ – the reported figures were never that high for consecutive months ever!

Needless to say – everything is awesome – particularly for the Aussie dollar.

But wait – I shorted the Aussie.

Bugger eh – good part is that these options don’t mature for another few months so ‘all things being equal’ – which is bullshit statement anyway – we should see reality strike the ABS and corrections may be made with reality again returning to the employment data – and the AUD.

Nummer drei

China and the useless loop on devaluations – do you not just love this unfolding?

It is like water draining down the sink – nothing can stop this cycle due to continued strength of the USD – and trade is going down the sink as well – debts are hitting – non performing loans increasing.

Emerging Countries Central Banks did sell USD and did retain Yuan – they did not want to upset trading relations with this giant. God forbid to see what the losses actually are in these treasuries.

Well I may get arrested by Chinese authorities – I did the unthinkable and shorted SHCOMP.

Yes aware that short term may go higher but offloading USD and will add to my YANG and CHAD … I am now a wanted man and may disappear like other Chinese Hedge Fund managers (I highly doubt this – but one does worry about how many other Chinese hedgies that have disappeared – like where is the moral outrage?)

Номер четыре

United Kingdom – well all I can ask is where did they get the money for that – that – and that.

Osborne says savings on lower interest rates – but wait – did he not roll over all long term loans to short term loans at near zero interest rates?

With the interest savings did he repay this debt?

Now where do they get the £5 billion odd pounds to cover flood damage and do something about the flood protection system?

More short term borrowings?

Ossie Osborne’s economics dumbfound me – and more ‘savings’ policies to be reversed?

This whole mess will unravel – and when it does those consumers who pigged out on consumer / housing loans to spend big will get no sympathy from moi’.

Then again everything is awesome – yes?

Nummer fem

Germany has regretted Merkel the Mouths refugee policy – no they are not all well educated and yes they will do the mundane jobs – but at a cost.

Will Germany be Germany in ten years time?

Just take a look at Sweden……puhleese – not mainstream media either (like how do 14,000 odd refugees disappear?).

I know that they have lost 700 already – must be the loose border policy and no X Box.

And then an inane policy of handing $3 billion to Turkey to stop the refugees – one wonders what Erdogan is thinking?

Plucky Greece and a few other countries are a wake up to Erdogan and his policies – his support for terrorism – his grand scheme to re-establish the Ottoman Empire.

Finally the Greek Airforce enforced their borders with Turkey – pity they did not shoot down a plane to prove a point – yes I know ‘pull my head in’.

And the Germans thought Russia and Putin were the aggressors – they should have looked within their own Euro yard.

Numéro six

Land on Russia – yes their oil is swamping China and they are increasing the sales worldwide – USD income is great – especially when the Rouble is floating.

An yes military hardware sales are filling the gap in GDP but me fears not enough.

Informed my babooshka that when 200 roubles equals one USD – I would buy an apartment in St. Petersburg. Well come mid 2017 that might be the case!

On refugees – yes they have accepted in excess of 1.5 million Ukrainians and 500,000 Muslims. A bloody big country though and demographics have improved somewhat.

However – Ukraine will not go away – seems that these US corrupted politicians are intent on renigging on the Russian loans – aided and abetted by the Wicked Witch of the IMF – plus they keep attacking Donbass – in an attempt to resurrect a bloody conflict.

Idiots – bankrupt idiots.

Winter may calm Kiev down a bit – and Russia may stop credit on the gas which will force Porky to pay more – but never fear – US is still there and so is Soros.

Broj sedam

USA – USA – going to give inane foreign policies away – nope..nein..

A bloody poet – must be a new year

Well what can I say – Obama hit a 40 foot putt the other day in Hawaii – I will just call bullshit on this putt and the American gene pool.

Obviously Trump’s continued success is upsetting a few diehards – so a game changer – Trump will have to run alone – as an independent – and may he not be knocked off in the process.


Okay readers – would like to thank you all for the effort in 2015.

32 Countries visited the website – a lot of people.


And edited a few spelling mistakes – a bottle of champagne plus a few mango and vodka drinks tend to paralyze the senses – you get that…



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