Why cover military events and US Foreign Policy?

Why not?

I have been covering these events – as wars cost money.

Imagine if you will – that the US Foreign policy was totally different – if they minded their own business.

If oligarchs like Soros and his Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) did not receive Government grants to function. To not interfere in the operations of other Countries.

The CIA were not responsible for 35 assassinations of Heads of State in South America.


Image courtesy of the NYT.

The monies spent on warmongering and interference – into over Sovereign Governments affairs throughout the globe is enormous – it is blindingly obvious that there is an ‘economic’ cost to war.

Where does this money come from?

How much money has to be continually spent on the aftermath of war?


(Image is dated – but the intention is shown.)

Imagine a world without collateral damage?

Imagine a world without poverty?

Blindingly obvious – but the world and Governments of this world – do not work like that do they – taxes are paid for a purpose – without questioning the logic.

Have a look at the infographics on this link – it is mind boggling.



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