Paradise lost

What can I say .. We are leaving this on 15th December.

These images from someone on the Internet


yes fantastic


then we have this


Do not know whether the small print came out satisfactorily – under the DUMPSHIT in white printing on a black background ‘The F?cking Store’.

Yes – one could say fairly liberal – grabbed a screen shot hanging out of a taxi.

Pity that we must move on…….






2 thoughts on “Paradise lost

  1. Please explain. Has someone opened this store recently? Sounds like they want to drive the local expats out of the area? Land grab? Americans? Locals? Wankers?

    Weird, but consistent with global behaviors.

    Where goest thou?



  2. Rofl – they dropped English – as a prerequisite in Primary School – the store opened in excess of 12 months and it always brought a smile to my face when passing. Owned by locals – all major brands. Uni kids down there all the time.

    Oz is an adventure – broke and penniless we will walk the streets with our meager belongings in the vain hope that the socialist system will care for us…..still laughing?


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