Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand


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I have stated many a times that she is a ‘good read’ – but a warning – there are plenty of reason for disliking Rand – her tortured prose to her misreading of other philosophers – Nietzsche in particular – as the better parts of ‘Objectivism’ I personally consider are ‘plagiarized’ from his works – to her somewhat lame attempts to moralize taste.

Maybe not plagiarized in the true meaning – borrowed perhaps?

Nietzsche works are found in foreword of The Fountainhead – (From beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche).
A few Libertarians view Ayn Rand – as a gifted writer, more so that her books became popular some 40 years after her death. This in itself stumped me as libertarians see themselves as intelligent and learned – yet, they should see that her characters are one-dimensional, her prose somewhat painful and her plots do border on being a tad ludicrous.

So when reading – she and her followers – are definitely part of the story, and not to be missed out on, in my honest opinion – that being said one must read her books to get a grasp on why Greenspan for one – and the libertarians appreciate her works.

For my view start with Anthem – it is a good small book that will make one appreciate her views (and may change your life – as it has done others) without going too heavy into the denser ideas.

Two essays will give you a better understanding of ‘whence she came and where she is going’ – (excuse my plagiarism of Gailbraith) – these are the first two essays from Philosophy: Who Needs It? – the essays gives the foundation to better understand her books.

Thereafter – The Fountainhead, which I think is one of her better books – then Atlas Shrugged, The Virtue of Selfishness or the rest of Philosophy: Who Needs It?

To cleanse ones soul – Try George Orwell, 1984 – the blueprint – the bible of current world leaders and politicians.

A full list of Ayn Rand books can be found here – http://aynrandlexicon.com/ayn-rand-ideas/suggested-reading.html


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