Disappointed and a Waste of Time and Money

Yes very disappointed.

I am not going to put names to this post – but it is a way that I can express my frustration at a complete waste of time and money attending an Economic Conference.

Purpose as I understood it was to assist the patrons ‘further understanding’ of the Gordian Knot (1) of the economic situation and the methods by which one protects assets. The latter being done through an economic database that – once accessed – will assist participants and people in understanding the complexity and timing involved with investing and asset management.

Well according to the participants we were idolizing that very man – who in our opinion undid this knot through his discoveries.

Result – waste of time, money.

Did those that follow the guru benefit?

In my opinion no – the attendees who did benefit were the hedge fund managers that had a one to one with the Guru – the trader – the CEO. Those that took it upon themselves to be disrespectful and lazy by not reading the course material provided and showed their own self interest and motivation by disrupting the speakers with personal asset questions and their selfish intentions to trade on the new software.

The seasoned veterans were no doubt – like me – left dumbfounded by the lack of anything new – in fact the ‘revelations’ were toned down to be a ‘glib’ understatement of what we all will face with the events that are unfolding.

On the software – promises should not be made when it is not complete. We all are waiting in anticipation and my anger resulted in a comment to the affect that the two conference participants are funding the completion – and thereafter user pays – for each report.

It appears we no longer can ‘just’ subscribe for a level of service – but instead will have the additional cost of buying each individual report – this is fair enough – but to have that dropped at the conference was demeaning to those that were expecting a different service – as advertised.

Anyway my bitch – open for comment retributions from those slated.

1. A complex knot tied by a Greek king. According to legend, whoever loosed it would rule all Asia. Alexander the Great, according to some accounts, undid the Gordian knot by cutting through it with his sword.

Note : By extension, to “cut the Gordian knot” is to solve quickly any very complex problem or to get to the heart of a problem.


6 thoughts on “Disappointed and a Waste of Time and Money

  1. Hi Miller.
    Good to see that you are well and in full spirit.
    I want to thank you for your good company and the interesting conversations we had in the smoking room.
    As you know i do agree with you about the WEC and i feel that i learned more talking with you,and some of the other atendents from the congress.
    Best wishes
    The Danish Carpenter.


    1. Albert – been doing some thinking (yes odd).

      We need to look at setting up a group (of like minded WEC participants) to trade and discuss trades.

      Trying to find all email addresses – Tomy trading but has not returned email.


  2. Albert, John – It was a pleasure to see you in Berlin. A group of like minded WEC participants who can discuss specific market issues would be awesome.

    I agree with John, for long time followers the conference was quite unimpressive. So we will have to see how things will develop in the future.


  3. Albert – good things came through. I sent an email through to Ashley and it seems now that we will have access to more information and videos.

    They no doubt are fully aware that the Socrates system – to be an IPO – needs a large user base to increase the inherent value – more users – more higher the share price – greater the sale price when it floats.

    Just follow the money.

    I firmly believe in the system by the way – Pi applies – history doth repeat and pattern recognition against all historical data enhances future probabilities.


  4. Hi Miller, sorry didn’t catch your first name when we met. I was the ‘other’ indian who joined you in the cigar lounge on the Sunday (not the one with the small ‘cigar’) My name is also Atul. It was good to meet all of you and I think we all agree the conference wasn’t what we expected, although I personally still got some insights out of it. It is good that they are now going to make material available to us as I think you are right in that the conf was hijacked by personal questions which took up all the time. It would be good to keep in touch and discuss trading ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agree.

      As stated previously I had written an email to Ashley as to our concerns.

      It is nice to see that they have taken this into consideration and supplied additional videos and a blog.

      Interested in all trading concepts – interested to learn.

      Liked by 1 person

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