All Governments and Western Media rotten to the Core

Nothing is making sense anymore.

Words fail me over Sinai – obfuscation is the name of the game.

Angered and wondering whether the truth – the full truth will be revealed.

Pearls of wisdom restarted – mourning has turned to anger.

Edit: 24th November 2015

A long read – do so at your own peril, as it is not a pretty picture – in fact it may well lead to another world war.

Russian disaster over Sinai …….. ISIL – US – Egypt – UK – Qatar – Jordan.

Reading news and major blogs on the situation in Sinai causes me concern – especially in light of the fact that the US was only too happy to release satellite data confirming a ‘flash’ and no contrails – and then advising that a bomb had brought down the aircraft.

Like hello……where was this information after the MH17 plane crash?

Why did Obama rely on social media with the MH17 disaster – yet was quick to draw on military intelligence with the Russian disaster over the Sinai?

The Russians to their credit – made no assumptions until all the bodies and evidence was removed from the Sinai site.

Those sovereign states responsible will now be a target of Russia, as to the perpetrators of this act – the latter however can be removed without anyone knowing.

A $50 million reward has been offered for information by the Russian Government – offer a carrot and then you can eat the cake.

Today another Russian plane brought down – a SU24 flying in Syrian territory (2 to 6km within the Syrian border with Turkey).

Turkey claiming responsibility – stating that warnings were issued as the plane was in Turkish airspace.

Well – remains to be seen – the Russians have satellites above this area and the pilots were well aware of the demarcation lines on their communications equipment.

Obfuscation from Obama and Erdogan the key.

Bear in mind the following:-

1. US planes are based in Syria and have been there for the past 12 months – staging illegal attacks on Syria – yes illegal – never invited by President Assad – the head of the sovereign state of Syria and definitely not condoned by the United Nations.

2. The purpose of the US air strikes in Syria were to destroy infrastructure – in particular Aleppo. Destroying the water supply and sewerage processing works and the electrical generation plant.

3. The US has been engaged in fighting a proxy war against the Assad regime – training and supplying moderate terrorists at a significant cost. This has led to these ‘moderate’ terrorists joining ISIL. Yes stupid – the US undertook a similar venture in Afghanistan which led to the rise of one Osama Bin Laden. . . . Blowback though is a bitch.

4. Turkey has been receiving and processing oil – ISIL oil shipped via tankers from Syrian oilfields through the main highway via Aleppo to Turkey.

5. Turkey has been attempting to ‘annihilate’ the Kurds for the past ten years – just so happens the Kurds are assisting Syrian troops in fighting ISIL – they together with Hezbollah (Lebanon) and Hamas (Palestine) and the Iranian National guard (Iran) all invited by Assad.

6. Turkey has supplied ISIL with weapons sourced via the Ukrainian government.

Messy is it not – US Foreign Policy – the Wolfowitz Doctrine adopted by the US Government some 20 years ago – and now a tangled web of Islamic religious factions in the Middle East fighting each other.

On one side with the tacit support of the House of Saud, Israel and the US – on the other Syria, Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq.

And yes please note that we have the ‘moderate’ terrorists being treated in Israeli hospitals and an Israeli officer being caught by the Iraqi’s assisting ISIL.

Israel has illegally held onto Syrian lands in the Golan Heights (and yes – the land has oil reserves so desperately needed by Israel).

A Prince from the House of Saud being arrested and detained in Beirut with a plane load of drugs – 3 tons of happy pills destined for ISIL. Then after the arrest – before the Paris attack – a terrorist attack in Beirut that claimed many lives but ignored by the world media. Blowback.

The House of Saud well known for funding terrorism – and also supporting Qatar in its bid to have a gas pipeline routed through Syria to Europe.

It was the House of Saud that engineered the original story on the Syrian army using a toxic gas against the rebels – assisted by the US and garnered support from France and England.

Then it was Russia that supplied the ‘evidence’ to the United Nations that Assad and Syrian forces were not involved. It was the US congress that defeated Obama, as too the House of Lords and the UK parliament that defeated Cameron – these elected bodies did not want a repeat of the Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction fiasco – lessons well learnt.

France however – via Hollande was intent on taking military action in Syria – but was thwarted by the simple fact – he would have acted alone.

NATO could not intervene – as they had done in ousting Ghadafi in Lybia.

Syria is a central point – as Israel wants the oil – Qatar wants the gas pipeline.

Russia has a gas pipeline through Turkey and Syria – plus a naval base in Syria on the Mediterranean Sea.

Economic and military interests come to the fore.

This is not about terrorism – ultimately about money – but much much more.

It is also about politics – the power of politics – in an unsavory economic environment – which will cause social unrest politicians will always look to external factors to distract the constituents – to distract the hordes from the economic ills that befall a country.

Paris was a disaster – well planned and well executed – it is a pity that there are too many questions raised after the event and again obfuscation is the key.

– all major emergency services undertaking a drill in the morning

– false passport at the scene

– all reports that the ringleader was in Syria

– France now bombs Syria in retaliation – teaming up with Russia

Hollande wanted a war – he could not act alone against Assad in Syria – now he wages war against ISIL – which he is entitled to do without NATO nor UN approval after the Paris attack.

The problem though is the war against ISIL is in concert with Syria and Russia.

Russia – not liked by all Western parties and partners – yet here we have a NATO partner forming an alliance with everyone’s enemy – Russia.

Truth is stranger than fiction – strange bedfellows indeed and the US military industrial complex, together with Richard Kagan and Victoria Nuland are spinning mischief in congress blaming all and sundry (including the refugee problem in Europe) on Russia.

Woe be that fool that tries to poke a bear with a stick – at this point in time.

Please note that all the above information can be sourced from the web from reputable sources, NYT, Bloomberg, Independent UK, Free Syrian Press and of course RT and Sputnik. Ron Paul Peace and Prosperity website is a valuable resource tool.


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