Taxes … Looking at the what is. Part 1 of many parts

Sitting, realizing little written. Little to read and open ones mind, as to why I believe that serfdom should be abolished.

That is to say income taxes imposed on ones earnings.

I was brought up in a strange era. Too late for one generation and too early for another.

Let us look at one quote on taxes.

Frank Chodorov on Income Tax, The Root of Evil

“The only beneficiaries of income taxation are the politicians, for it not only gives them the means by which they can increase their emoluments but it also enables them to improve their importance. The have-nots who support the politicians in the demand for income taxation do so only because they hate the haves; although they delude themselves with the thought that they might get some of the pelt the fact is that the taxing of incomes cannot in any way improve their economic condition.”

Looking at the beneficiaries, politicians first.

The income is technically limited, as too benefits, as too retirement benefits.

It is what is in the fine print of costs incurred.

Power corrupts though, not very many politicians retain their original personalities.

Retirement is like that Goose that laid the golden egg.

During a politicians career they learn to lie, the obey the commandments of the party leader and misguide people.

Their tenure once terminated bestow great benefits.

Oh yes, they also do a great deal during their reign to greatly improve their mundane importance. Even to the pointless task of memoirs, … This alone should be reserved for great leaders…. We have but a few.

Civil (Public) Servants
Graded and wait in line.
Working for the politicians, not the public.

Look at the Tax Collectors, as a separate area.

These ‘have nots’ strive to improve their own importance and their attitude and personalities change.

They believe that it is their money they are collecting and everyone is out to game the State. A delusional world that is inbred within the institution.
Trust none, not even your own.

I was amazed at how many of the staff employed within these organizations turn on one another. Benefits are in higher grading, salary.

What they won’t do to make that ladder shorter.
They hate the haves …..

Social Security

The simple fact of the matter is that any capitalist economy that introduces an income tax, then changes to a socialist economy.

A safety net for those unemployable, in transition, sick, pregnant or incapacitated.

The servants are one of a kind.

These people stuck in a rut and waiting for a death, resignation, retirement further up the line, as with the tax collectors and other civil/public servants.

Everyone of these long term civil/public servants have to have problem. I am sorry but how many of these employees count the steps to work every morning until they are resigned to the fact that nothing is going to change?

They have to be special, they have to be able to take the same shit day in and day out.

Frank Chodorov’s book is a great read.


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