Yes THAT Darth Vader – Soros is at it again.


Yes a carpetbagger – feeding off the misery of others – for financial benefit.

It doesn’t matter where the social or political problems are – expect one of Soros’s Non Government Organizations to be in the thick of bullshit propaganda.

Sputnik news advises

“The Soros-sponsored “White Helmets,” one of the largest NGOs operating on the territory of Syria, is busy with cooking up lies instead of protecting the human rights of the Syrian people.

The “White Helmets,” a controversial quasi-humanitarian organization, is playing dirty in Syria – the NGO has been spotted fabricating “evidence” of Russia’s “disastrous” involvement in Syria.

White Helmets demonizes the Assad government and encourages direct foreign intervention.”

The Dissident.Org website highlights the manner in which disinformation is conjured up and then spread –

“Unfortunately they have learned nothing.

They have generally not been held to account, with a few nice exceptions such as the ‘Greenwald/Hussain’ article – and now they are at it again. Many well-intentioned but naive members of the U.S. and international public are again being duped into signing an Avaaz petition based on fraud and misinformation.

If the campaign succeeds in leading to a No Fly Zone in Syria, it will result in vastly increased war, mayhem and bloodshed.

The following illustration shows the sequence and trail of deceit leading to Avaaz’s call for a No Fly Zone in Syria.


The “Source” is unknown at this time. It might be some US agency with or without the approval of the Obama administration. Or it might be another foreign government which seeks, in plain violation of international law,  the overthrow the Syrian government.  

In addition to the U.S., Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain and Qatar have each spent hundreds of millions and even billions in heavy weaponry plus 3,000 tons of weapons via Croatia plus arming, training, supplying and paying the salaries of thousands of domestic and international mercenaries sowing mayhem and destruction in Syria.

At this point we do not know but there is a REWARD:  $100 finders fee to the first person who can provide credible evidence identifying the SOURCE.

Kristof – a journalist at the New York Times – is uncritically promoting the White Helmets – aiding and abetting their political and propaganda message seeking foreign intervention in Syria.

Avaaz – an online lobby organization – the start up funding of which was provided by George Soros’ foundation – was very actively promoted a No Fly Zone in Libya.

They are now very actively promoting the same for Syria.

In-depth research and exposure of Avaaz is on the web – the titles give some indication: “Faking It: Charity Communications in the Firing Line”, “Syria: Avaaz, Purpose & the Art of Selling Hate for Empire”, “Avaaz: Imperialist Pimps for Militarism”.

A prime example of emotionalism to grab attention through online media.


And lies they are – full story at Sputnik News or


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