Snowden Broke US Law – Hillary Clinton

Hilary Clinton states on Snowden


“He broke the laws of the United States. He stole important information. I don’t think he should be brought home,” Clinton told the first Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

My dear Mrs Clinton – you broke the laws of the United States. You used an insecure server for all emails. I don’t think that you should go home – you should go to jail.


Better still – explain why The Clinton Foundation received $25 million from the Australian Government – whilst you are at it the millions received into that Foundations bank account from around the world.

How stupid can you be?

Ignoring your own Governments protocols on secure emails and lodging tax returns on the Clinton Foundation and not declaring all the ‘donations’ received.

Maybe they were bribes?


Edit: I have been advised that this is human nature – so split the $25 million with me and I will shut up. Mind you I would declare the monies as ‘income’ and pay the required tax….

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