MH 17 Dutch Safety Board Report Released

Bloomberg report:-

“Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was downed by a Buk rocket fired from the eastern part of Ukraine last year, a Dutch-led probe concluded.
Ukraine should have shut the airspace over the area due to the outbreak of violence there, Dutch Safety Board Chairman Tjibbe Joustra said Tuesday.

The group led an international probe into the crash, which occurred as the Boeing Co. 777 was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 17, 2014, as the majority of the 298 victims were Dutch.”

Well me – slightly bemused that the Dutch authorities know the make, model and fragment type for the type of Buk rocket used – when the manufacturer of the system – aware that a Buk missile system was to be included in the report – went to all the expense of undertaking field tests to demonstrate and determine the impact zone and damage from the rocket blast.

These reports were made available to the Dutch Investigators – yet not mentioned in the released report.

Yes have watched the video and the Buk test.

Update: The US Government has the information to validate the MH 17 disaster but refuse to release this as it does not confirm their propaganda.

298 lives lost and the US still refuse to assist.

Will keep my mouth shut tight – until the ‘armchair’ experts sift through everything.

There has been too much disinformation from all sides to ascertain whether a new or old Buk rocket – age does matter.


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