Israel is in Syria


This is one of several leaflets dropped on ISIS controlled areas warning of the impending Russian bombing.

Veterans Today claim that “this one with the image above depicted now in its entirety – may well be intended for unwitting jihadists who are simply too stupid to know they are fighting a “placeholder war” on behalf of economic interests that well informed and outspoken individuals cite as accurately depicted in the graphics now censored.”

Israel is in this war as well, so who is supporting whom?

From Veterans Today “In discussions with a senior military intelligence source in the US yesterday, two issues came up:

Veterans Today’s claim that 800 Israeli troops are now inside Syria
Russian planes turned back an Israeli air attack on Syria

As for the number, “800,” I was told that the Pentagon believes that figure to be low.”

Be afraid – very afraid of the unintended consequences that may well flow from neighbor’s becoming embroiled in a localized skirmish. Israel is no saint and the repercussions could be deadly for more than the Syrians.

My question is – to every foreign power admonishing Russia – who are you really supporting?

We know the answer – mainstream media will not wake up – it is not in the interests of those war mongerers that profit.


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