If it was me – if I was holding equities – I would sell into any rally

I was asked about the USD – people are getting worried.

My immediate concern was why?

A good time to buy – China has some time off – so it is technically a good news week – doesn’t matter how bad the data is – it will be good news.

With equities same applies – if I was holding equities- a good time to sell.

Cash is an investment position – especially at low rates.
Costs you nothing to hold cash (USD) so you can’t lose.
Well you can if you want to – buy another currency – but that means stress.

Big phat disclaimer as I am talking about me.

Holding equities?

Know how to short stocks?

Plenty of European Banks out there.

Deutsche Bank AG fell 0.9 percent after rising as much as 3.1 percent.
They may eliminate a dividend – as part of an overhaul – as the bank said it expects a third-quarter loss of 6.2 billion euros ($7 billion), the biggest in at least a decade.


Chart courtesy FT

Credit Suisse Group AG tumbled as much as 3.2 percent after the FT — citing unidentified people briefed on the plan — said the bank is preparing a “substantial” capital-raising


Chart courtesy FT. Click on chart to emblazon.

Now to me – those losses is a lot of money.

So the next question is – who would want to be holding Bank stocks?


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