You too can watch that ‘sinking feeling’

Remember that all of the Countries are subject to ratings reviews.

The European ratings reviews were due out between Sept 20 through to the 25th.

Strange that they have been delayed. . .


And Germany – what can I say – the Mouth Merkel on refugees, and 20 new nuclear missiles being deployed within Germany – the Volkswagen scandal and what next?


Glencore re-rating to junk which will put Duetsche Bank derivates in the spotlight?

Merkel would be saying now WTF – all of Europe should bear these burdens!

Merkel’s mouth changed EU’s policy.

From The Spectator “Having, effectively, unilaterally ripped up the EU agreement on how to handle refugees, Germany is now desperately trying to re-impose the rules. At the start of this month, Angela Merkel’s government declared that any Syrian who could reach the country could claim asylum in Germany. This was contrary to the Dublin Convention of 1990 which set out that refugees should seek asylum in the first EU member state that they arrive in.

Predictably, Germany’s actions led to a huge surge in the number of refugees trying to reach the country. The volume of people coming is now so great that Berlin has had to put in place controls on the Austrian border. It is also saying that it won’t accept refugees who have been fingerprinted or admitted in another EU state. In other words, it wants the Dublin Convention to apply once more.” (1)

Refugee benefits may cost Germany 3.3 billion euros more in 2016: minister


Image courtesy Express.UK
Yes Help Europe – Help

The German government expects that between 240,000 and 460,000 extra people will be entitled to social benefits next year due to the influx of refugees and migrants, Labour Minister Andrea Nahles said on Tuesday.

Nahles added that this increase and other expenditure, such as offering language classes to refugees, would lead to extra costs in her ministry’s budget of between 1.8 billion and 3.3 billion euros in 2016. (2)

Now Germany – the tide turning?

Superpower of the EU no more?

Time will tell – put a beer on it.

Here is the site to study every country.

Trading Economics website has all data and updates regularly when the IMF and Ratings Agencies release current data.

Guaranteed you will not be bored. Neither will the EU.


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