Syria – Russians are now coming. Iranians and Chinese will join this war.

It was obvious that after 12 months of official U.S. and its ‘allies’ involvement in the Syrian conflict that ISIS – ISOL – whatever – were not being routed – they were being contained.

This was not sanctioned by the U.N. – that international approval having been vetoed by both Russia and China. Technically therefore – the U.S. and its allies have again entered into this conflict on their own accord and a ‘missive’ by the Assad Regime that permits ‘bombing’ raids on ISIS- ISIL.

England did not get involved- simple because it was not sanctioned internationally- full stop.


Therefore the actions are illegal – as in Iraq – as in Libya.

So what has the U.S. Military achieved in 12 months?

Very little – in fact created nothing more than a mass exodus from Syria and Iraq of refugees.

In the meantime this new ‘caliphate’ continued to destroy historical landmarks, murder Christians and create havoc throughout both Iraq and Syria.

Support being provided by Turkey and the U.S. – yes U.S. arms shipments and supplies being delivered to the caliphate through Turkey.

The stupidity of the situation is that the Kurds are fighting ISIS – Turkey is fighting the Kurds and U.S. and their allies are doing no more than ‘containing’ the ISIS expansion in the hope that the Syrian Assad regime will fall.

So step up to the plate Putin – fuck off the U.S. and its impotent agenda.

Yes – even Israel who has been ‘supposedly’ assisting the U.S. has made overtures to Putin that they themselves do not an accidental war breaking out against Russia.

At the bottom of this post I have provided an excerpt and the link of a ‘Wikileaks’ cable dated in 2012 – from the American Consultant in Damascus – in regard to the establishment of ISIS.

Look to whom it is addressed in confidence – amongst others Israel, Saudi Arabia, NATO – is it not obvious that the political sensitivity of this document implicates the U.S. in this whole sordid affair?

Now Russia has supplied military equipment and trainers to the Assad Syrian regime and the effects are being felt by ISIS. Pinpoint bombing raids – designed to destroy supplies and their logistics.

But then I have a question – who attempted to bomb the Russian Embassy and Compound in Syria last night?

“The Russian embassy in Damascus has come under mortar fire, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday.
The ministry said Moscow condemns the “criminal attack” on the Russian diplomatic mission.

“At 09:00 a.m. on September 20, a mortar shell hit the territory of the Russian embassy in Damascus. The shell was driven deep into the earth and made no damage,” the ministry said. “We condemn the criminal attack on the Russian diplomatic representation in Damascus.”

From Fortruss Website – “As announced on September 20th by “MILITARY INFORMANT” On the night from September 19 to 20, our marines guarding the Russian military base, located near the settlement of Latakia (Syria), discovered a group of militants walking in the direction of the base, numbering up to 8 people. The decision was made to destroy the enemy, after all, our intelligence knew about the plans of the militants for organizing the attack on the Russian base in Latakia with mortars and small arms.

As a result of the clash, three militants were killed, two captured, and the rest retreated. During the search of the prisoners plans of the airbase and satellite images with the marked important points of the base were found.

Like WTF – who supplied the satellite images with the marked important points?


Who has this capability of eyes in the sky outside of America and Russia?

I think the U.S. Government should realize that they should not poke a stick at a bear – all to obvious who started ISIS – all to obvious what the U.S. want.

At the end of the day – when the dust settles – this whole stupid propaganda war with the Western Media protecting the U.S. Government and inflaming the Cold War with Russia will end.

That day will come.

In the meantime we can only hope that some sense will be knocked into the heads of all the Western leaders that their actions created Europes mess – all through the obedient need to follow Obama down through the path of Hades.

Original Classification:SECRET Current Classification:SECRET
Handling Restrictions– Not Assigned —

Character Count:14471

From:Syria Damascus Markings:– Not Assigned —

To:Department of the Treasury | Israel Tel Aviv | National Security Council | Secretary of State | The League of Arab States | U.S. Mission to European Union (formerly EC) (Brussels) | United Nations (New York) | United States Central Command | White Households

The plan to establish ISIS from the Wikilieaks cables.

“Possible Actions: Publicize presence of transiting (or externally focused) extremist groups in Syria, not limited to mention of Hamas and PIJ. Publicize Syrian efforts against extremist groups in a way that suggests weakness, signs of instability, and uncontrolled blowback. The SARG,s argument (usually used after terror attacks in Syria) that it too is a victim of terrorism should be used against it to give greater prominence to increasing signs of instability within Syria.”



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