This is all bullshit – U.S. Federal Reserve – Yellen – I now know I will lose my bet.

The Federal Reserve – Yellen – the FOMC meeting and Yellen’s speech.

Defeated, am I?

Appears Western Media and many economists, do not see through all the bullshit espoused by Yellen.

One thing makes perfect sense in that this lady – looks like the atypical Grandmother – like ice wouldn’t melt in her mouth. I quite frankly couldn’t be bothered listening to this lady who speaks with a forked tongue – neither the other so called ‘members’ of the FOMC.

A number of things piqued my interest before the interest rate decision – first was that Blankfein – Goldman Sachs – stated that the ‘conditions were not right for a rate rise’… or words to that affect.

I read the headline of the article – proceeded no further.

I am aware that GS has a designated director/executive of the Company that communicates through regular ‘luncheons’ with a member of the Fed. Most probably Dimon and the CEO’s of other large institutions, also appoint an executive to ensure that if anything can be bled from the Fed – is bled from the Fed.

So here we have Blankfein – stating a missive – what data?


Everyone is aware of the Fed Reserve data cache – that data whilst weak – did not ‘appear’ as abnormal – if you believe the numbers – appeared to be strengthening in each successive month.

Then a tweet during the FOMC meeting from a member – on Yellen’s planned speech – an innocuous statement – that it will be done well inside the requirements for Yellen to arrive at her flight 3 hours beforehand.

At this juncture I went to sleep – could not be bothered waiting to see the results.

Awoke – nothing changed.

Well interest rates anyway.

The curious thing though was her speech – that dithering Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve – what she covered was a joke – pure and utter bullshit.

Qualifications for no rate increase – on external data to the U.S. – then amongst other matters an interesting comment in relation to a ‘detailed paper’ produced to the Fed – that disavows the Fed’s policies for having any contribution whatsoever to the wealth gap.

Never mind that every single decision ever made by the U.S. Fed actually have created a bubble – destroyed middle income earners in the United States and allowed an increase in the overall percentage of those people living below the poverty line.

Like WTF? – all of Yellen’s comments were pre-prepared diatribe of verbal diarrhea designed for acceptance by any kindergarten.

I forgot – we have the media – stupid inept wankers who understand sweet FA about economics – nor the base cause of the worlds’ problems – and couldn’t think independently if their life depended on it.

So no questions of substance from Yellen – therefore reliance on bullshit.

Well I will surmise a few facts – Yellen hasn’t spoken in public for 2 months prior to this meeting – what was obvious though was the dignitaries that did attend the U.S.

The House of Saud – the main ones – with the strengthening of the USD they themselves very concerned over the SAR – Riyal. . . The stupidity of a war costs money and with the oil price depressed these parasites required assurances on continued U.S. Funding and a weakening in the value of the USD.

No – not joking – remember Yellen said she will do whatever it takes – or words to that effect – even to the point of introducing ‘negative interest rates’ should that be necessary.

Does this sound like a conspiracy theory?

Actually it does doesn’t it – that is my problem – the world can ill afford a strengthening USD – neither China, Japan, OPEC – nor any other country around the world.

The currency wars have triggered a spiral of stagflation – if not deflation – the reduction in global trade has forced commodity prices to far greater lows than imagined – those lows are extending further and this time – no one can afford this.

No Central Bank has any tools left in their arsenals – to stimulate individual economies out of this situation- increase demand – consumer and manufacturers confidence.

Debt is out of control- saturated all levels of government and no one can turn the tap off.

No wonder Blankfein – one of those arsewipes principally responsible for these levels of debt – was correct in his assumption on the data set.

So – I am now a conspiracy theorist – all because the Fed is impotent – all Central Bankers are clueless and an old dumpy lady who thinks she knows what she is doing – is about as dumb as they get and is only getting dumber day by day.

As for me – well I have till the end of September 2015 – before I starting paying out on lost bets – interest rates have not increased through that one mechanism, which I assumed would be in my favor.

Don’t assume anything – otherwise – as in this case – in trying to predict moronic actions is making an Ass of U and Me.

For those that follow my blog anyway.

There are other ways interest rates would increase – but with the USD now set to decline over the coming weeks – there will be no economic miracle to offset ‘negative interest rates’ within the U.S.

Big bummer – eh?

Only an implosion of a Sovereign debt collapse would have the hyper-nuclear ability to propel the USD to far greater heights – leaving a stunned and dumber group of Central Bankers in its wake.

So I know a few people have already anticipated the payout day – but wait please – you will have plenty of time to gloat later.

Only bigger fools will try and rub ‘salt in the wounds’ now – over one of many assumptions made.

And yes – my animal instincts and defective gene says “keep taking bets”.

Time will tell.


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