Yellen – a stupid clueless – spineless ‘git’ . . .

Well she certainly lives up to the ‘type’ of dumb and dumber that occupy the chair at the Fed Reserve.


Yes well – FUCK YOU TOO YELLEN – that from all the pensioners, savers and retirees who need a decent return on their savings.

After 7 bloody years they have had enough.

Warned by the Bank for International Settlements that a Bond Bubble is in the making and still refuses to act.


Now we shall let the markets decide.


Bonds – rate indicator – a dramatic steepening in 5s,30s (up over 6bps today)


The immediate impact really will set the tone for the next couple of weeks – this does not look pretty – predictable – in fact I have covered this scenario in a prior blog – the continued sell off of Emerging Markets US Bonds or the need to address a bullish stock markets – may indicate urgent rate rise.

God forbid that the Fed actually stoked another bubble!


Let the embarrassment for the Fed continue.

As for Yellen – another gutless, clueless wanker at the rudder of the Titanic.

It was my wishful thinking – I should stop that – nowhere in our financial history have we had such a fucked up system – where the end result is that the velocity of money is dictating the volatility on bond markets.

That bond market bubble must pop – then we have people taking risks to get returns – gambling on the stock markets – this will not end well.


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