My Last Words on U.S. Foreign Policy

These are my last words on this blog about the U.S. foreign policy – global economic issues are far more important – just that I get jacked off with foreign media and the U.S. foreign policy.

Now we have the sensational – The Russians are coming – The Russians are coming.

Bloody hell – pure bullshit.

First reported by Hezbollah and now Western Media.

I have just taken a token few paragraphs from the Telegraph article as I cannot believe this bullshit – Western Media spin.

Telegraph UK article – full article here (1)

My comments in bold and italics – in reply to the article – my position supported through third party articles.

“Vladimir Putin confirms Russian military involvement in Syria’s civil war”
What is military involvement? Supply of weapons to Syria – In fact Russia supplied ten MIG’s to Syria as outlined by ‘Defense Industry Daily’ in August 2015. (2)

“Russian president talks of desire for “international coalition” to fight terrorism and extremism and does not rule out possibility of direct military intervention in Syria”

yes correct – both Russia and Egypt are seeking a coalition to support Assad in fighting ISIL. As reported in the Financial Times in August 2015.(3)

“Russia is providing “serious” training and logistical support to the Syrian army, Vladimir Putin has said, in the first public confirmation of the depth of Russia’s involvement in Syria’s civil war.”

Think about this for a minute – you supply jet fighters – do you not also supply training? Or does Russia just sell these fighters without pilot training nor logistics and allow inexperienced pilots to try and utilize the craft? Russia provided the trainers and support staff plus security – a necessity in view of the civil war raging in that country.


“In a war riven with barbarity, much of it led by fighters from Isil, Mr Assad’s regime still remains the biggest killer of civilians.”

Proof please – Telegraph and the reporters assumptions are all bullshit – similar to the U.S. accusations that Assad and his army were using chemical weapons and then the U.S. was attempting to use this misinformation in the UN and get its coalition parties of UK, France, Canada, Australia involved in this civil war. (4)

Remember please that Obama / the U.S. and Turkey supply weapons to ISIS/ISIL or whatever they think they are. (5)

Me a skeptic – let’s look at the facts – why?

I read all news outlets – am fed up with the lies perpetuated by the Western Media.

The problem is – people read this garbage and this then propagates bullshit amongst the community.

Russia has an interest in Syria – their navel base – they also have an interest in not allowing another Middle East regime to fall into the civil war – through US lies and disruptive US foreign policies that created the refugee crisis in Europe.

It is the failed US foreign policies – the war in Iraq – the disposal of Gaddafi – the ignorance of International Law that has condemned Europe to an influx of around displaced refugees through a religious war.

Western media have not mentioned the fact that Russia has taken in 500,000 refugees – not the fact that Putin sought to resolve this issue at every chance – ignored by Western Leaders.

The U.S. foreign policies have not only failed in the Middle East and Ukraine but they have failed in South America as well – from Reagan’s stupidity in El Salvador – then Honduras – and thereafter by Obama’s ignorance in not accepting the consequences for those refugees attempting to flee to the U.S. (6)

Yes – the U.S. does not have a refugee problem caused by their own stupidity – they refuse to accept the consequences of their actions.

Obama – as President of the U.S. has a lot to answer for – instead media ignores these blatant breaches of International and American law. The media propagates myths – the U.S. uses its influence in the wrong way.

Putin on the other hand – although I really do not like the bloke – has used every opportunity to score points against Obama and his bureaucracy’s in the international arena.


Cartoon courtesy of Sputnik news.

One wonders of the intelligence of Merkel, Hollande, Cameron (Abbott) in supporting the U.S. through these failed policies. They supported now they suffer the consequences whilst Obama sits back in the White House and washes his hands of his failed policy decisions.

It is not the Russians – It is not the Russians

I have mentioned previously on this blog in May 2015 – Sweden’s Defense Ministry allowing wild accusations about Russian submarines in Swedish waters – that turned out to be a trawler.

The British press are no different – accusations that a Russian submarine snagged a fishing net in Karen UK which dragged the vessel for several meters. (8)

Turns out now that this submarine was a British submarine (9) – maybe everyone should just question western media’s pathetic attempts at increasing the Cold War rhetoric.

Who trust Western Media?


This is all perpetuated by Obama – US Congress – American foreign policy.

Am amazed how much bullshit perpetuated by all other Western countries in assisting the denigrating evil of myth.


Chart courtesy of Elise Cooper (7)

Okay enough said – as the central bankers have no clue – the U.S. keeps tripping up on their own shoelaces – plus with the complete ‘House of Saud’ in Washington DC to speak about the depegging of their currency against the USD – a lot can happen in a short amount of time.

China also would be looking at de pegging their currency as well.

A lot happening behind closed doors.







7. Barak Obama’s Foreign Policy-an Utter Failure by Elise Cooper (2014)




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