You want the truth?

Always something good at Sputnik – not biased – they just love rubbing salt into the U.S. wounds.

What is it about US propaganda?

“A French TV broadcast showed the French president visibly startled at the apparently shocking revelation that the Ukrainian army has violated the ceasefire agreement agreed upon in Minsk; French politician Thierry Mariani explains why France’s press rejected the chance to set the record straight.”

Yes – it is not the official U.S. story – simple – the U.S. stupidity in thinking that the truth would not come out.


Read more:

One wonders if anyone can believe anything that the U.S. or NATO says – it appears any justification – by not only President Obama and congress (McCain) but members of the Administration to poke a bear with a stick – I don’t like Putin – but full credit to him for pulling his head in and not retaliating.

Nuclear war anyone?

And then we gave ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’

Yes President Obama – his only legacy is being the worst President in the history of the U.S.


Image courtesy of RedBirdAcres

The we have the Fireman – canned for installing Obama Toilet Tissue

NY Firefighters Test Racist – hmmm well you be the judge

Air Traffic Controllers – illegal immigrants need apply

I could continue but the most concerning thing from my point of view was Obama and the Obama Administration relying on social media to accuse Russia of involvement in the MH 17 crash – all based on social media reports.

The bottom line about the MH17 crash:

1. If the Russians and/or rebels were responsible for the downing of the aircraft, then the US and Kiev would willingly release all information they had right after the incident, and scored major points against Putin.

2. If the report comes out, and doesn’t implicate anyone, then we’ll know that Russia and rebels didn’t do it, and that US or its allies are responsible.

3. If the report comes out and blames Russia/rebels for the downing, without looking at all evidence, then it will be a false politicized report with no credibility.

4. If the report is suppressed by Holland, it will be by the direction of the U.S. This then implicates US and Kiev.

We shall see – we shall see – sooner or later the truth will come out.

Will have no hesitation in apologizing should I be wrong in my assumptions.


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