Smart money on the move

Adam Smith’s invisible hand?

Who really is smart – when they (financial guru’s) refer to Smart Money

American public are not as stupid as I was led to believe – not when it comes to money and their 401K funds (super) anyway.

When one looks at the statistics their smart money has moved….this is a real gut feeling that something is wrong – there is a brilliant position when one invests – it is called cash.

“Credit Suisse estimates $6.5 billion left equity funds in July as $8.4 billion was pulled from bond funds, citing weekly data from the Investment Company Institute as of Aug. 19. Those outflows were followed up in the first three weeks of August, when investors withdrew $1.6 billion from stocks and $8.1 billion from bonds, said economist Dana…..”


Click on chart to emblazon – or just make bigger


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