Bankers greed – beyond comprehension

How to fuck up the economy by the U.S. too big to fail US banks.

Global swap markets – missing transactions reflected an effort by some of the largest U.S. banks — including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley — to get around new regulations on derivatives enacted in the wake of the financial crisis, say current and former financial regulators.

This leaves a concentrated knot of risk at the heart of the financial system.

The U.S. derivatives market has shrunk but remains large, with outstanding contracts worth $220 trillion at face value.

And the top five top banks account for 92 percent of that.

The data in the U.S. is misleading.

The U.S. banks were still trading as vigorously as ever – but their trades – booked through London affiliates, without any credit guarantees linking them back to the U.S., were now showing up in the data as the work of European banks.

Note: In reading this please note the obvious – bankers have continued the same shit that led to the 2008 financial crisis. In this case ‘affiliates’ trading through London. No one is safe – maybe this time someone will be incarcerated through knowingly bending the rules to suit themselves.


4 thoughts on “Bankers greed – beyond comprehension

  1. And, the Banker has become King: His Word is Law

    Long live the King

    “*That is simple. In the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Scrip. We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating for ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay no one.*” — Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) US Founding Father Source: Explaining to Bank of England directors his ideas on why the colonies were so prosperous (1763); as quoted in The Money Masters (1995).

    “*The government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers. The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of government, but it is the government’s greatest creative opportunity. The financing of all public enterprise, and the conduct of the treasury will become matters of practical administration. Money will cease to be master and will then become servant of humanity.*” — Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) 16th US President

    “*The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots and the bankers went anew to grab the riches. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it to systematically corrupt civilisation.*” — Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) Founder of the German Empire, Prime minister of Prussia, Germany’s First Chancellor after the Lincoln assassination

    You may have noted from my Blog that I hold the banking system and hence the top Bankers, fully responsible for the woes of civilization, but we must learn our lessons. It was Rothschild that lied about Napoleon at Waterloo and then went on to buy every share being sold for penny’s in London, and move forward; every war, every crisis and right into our “education” programs – every social ill has a banker behind it – but saying this, the proto-Human needs to ‘create time’ so as to become Human; his destiny. The whole structure and organization of society has to be changed as today we have perverts, incompetents, lying, thieving, murdering, dishonest, eagerly corruptible, sociopaths and psychopaths, running the governments while indulging in out-of-control paedophilia. It is just simply totally ugly, disgusting and diseased.

    We need to evolve towards Humanity.



    1. I fear – they fear – politicians do not fear.

      Hence the reason banks have control.

      If politicians had balls we would not be in this position…these jerks self interest prevail and insanity rules – their reliance on bankers to sell government debt is the key.

      Eliminate bankers from this process – eliminate bankers from self interested legislation and force them to abide by the domestic rules….but it is the greedy self serving politicians that dictate.

      One day this may change …

      Sent from my iPad



  2. and,

    Ultra Old School: “Alfred Milner and His ‘Group’” by K. R. Bolton. Comment by clocker:

    “This is a curious article that seems to have been written to try and tamper down revelations from the so called “conspiracists.” Here are a few random points that came to mind while reading it. The name of Judah Benjamin seems to be coming up more and more these days. Writers such as the one who penned this article downplay Benjamin’s influence on the Confederacy and his connections to the Rothschilds. This writer also downplays the Rothschild support of the Confederacy which was absolutely essential for the financing of its participation in such a long and costly war despite being one of the poorer, almost entirely rural and almost completely un-industrialized regions of the US. On the other hand, Lincoln, leader of the much more prosperous north, had to issue his “greenbacks” specifically because international bankers had sought to essentially sabotage the northern war effort by insisting on crippling interest rates on loans it issued. The south doesn’t seem to have suffered from similarly usurious loan demands. In addition, If the Rothschilds were not so heavily connected with the Confederacy why then did the head of the English branch of the Rothschild family, Lord Rothschild, risk his life and limb by running the northern naval blockade during the war in order to visit the Confederacy. Should I also mention the fact that Judah Benjamin was forced to flee from North America to England after the surrender of the Confederacy because he alone, among all the high Confederate officials, was afraid of being implicated in the murder of Abraham Lincoln? Benjamin, later as a “curiously prosperous” lawyer in the UK where he had fled,, worked for the legal defense when the southern states, as plaintiffs , sought to reclaim Confederate assets which had ended up in English hands. Among these assets was probably gold that Benjamin had been rumored to have removed from the Confederate treasury before fleeing from North America. The author mentions J.P. Morgan, the ultimate front man. After Morgan’s death, his will revealed that he owned just 13% of the bank that he was thought to have owned outright. His two silent partners, both with connections to the Rothschild, owned the other 87%. Morgan was just a shill. Probably the biggest financial travesty of the twentieth century, the establishment of The Federal Reserve Bank was long thought to have been thought up by a coterie of northern bakers (including J.P. Morgan,) meeting at Jekyll Island in 1910. It turn out that the entire bill had been written by Rothschild agent Paul Warburg and associates beforehand. The other attendees at this meeting simply rubber stamped it. It turned out later that few if any of the other attendees had actually read the entire construct. or knew its implications. Just like what happened when later politicians approved the Patriot Act without having read it.”


    1. Agree on the bankers interference in all wars – as they had vested interests.

      With the Rothschilds though – they are a past European influence – the new influence is 7 U.S. Banks which control the majority of influence and funding in U.S. and Europe. As an example GS illuminati in major positions throughout Europe and U.S.

      The mere fact that they have this influence is more to do with the apathetic voting public plus inept self serving politicians.

      Change will come – just need common sense by the public and disgrace of Governments.

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