Bloody hell – things are heating up and it is messy

After all said and done – shit!

What a mess last night – where would one start?

Well United kingdom – Osborne must have had a sleepless night. The FTSE down around ten percent – a correction at this point.


Reasons – well I have read everything and am a little worried that some ‘advisors’ ignore the obvious. Either it is Shanghai – an interest rate increase – the Terge floating and falling 25 percent – low oil price – Greek PM resigns – EU Quantative Easing not working – South America (Columbia – Brazil) .. maybe just maybe it is investors just laying off stocks as did the American stock market the night before.

Watching the bond market it is obvious – smart money liquidating and moving to bonds.

And yes – some investors seeing everything implode and think that it safer to hold cash – gold – silver.

Why they call it the ‘smart’ money beyond me – not so smart lemmings.

Ossie Osbourne is sleepless – he still has RBS hanging around – too late now to offload.

The UK debt load coming into September is the cruncher – which will make matters far worse.


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