That canary in the oil field – how to lose money

Emailed 18th August 2015

I wrote on my blog about oil – oversupply- and the trend is your friend.

Well I also commented on the Carlyle Group (the ex Presidents Club) and how these boys were spending up big – buying huge amount of oil ETF’s on the basis that they saw ‘froth’ in the market.

In view of history and the Carlyle Groups investment strategy – this ‘froth’ was war. They profited from buying into military requirements and commodities – before any skirmish started.

These smart arses invested in other people’s misery.

Well – the trend is you friend.


Oil has declined – yes bugger – right?

The Carlyle Groups hedge fund has sustained losses – the ‘Vermillion Hedge Fund’ – and with all good presidents (and investors) the ‘Co-Founders’ of the hedge fund have left after sustained losses.

Investors pulling out USD 1.97 billion.

From Bloomberg

“The exits add to troubles Carlyle has had in its other hedge funds, Claren Road Asset Management and Emerging Sovereign Group. Carlyle’s hedge funds fell 4.3 percent in the second quarter, and its global market strategies unit, which houses the funds, reported zero profit for the quarter, compared with $44 million a year earlier.”

Obviously these jerks did not read my blog – fuk em.

Money is moving – and no one can stop it.

More hedge funds in the cross hairs. not only that – oil exporting countries – these countries HAVE TO NOW BORROW monies in order to keep their budgets balanced – watch out below – getting nasty.

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