Earth – You have a problem

Emailed 11th August 2015

In my last email I warned that when currency wars come into play then protectionism usually follows.

I researched more on the Chinese devaluation – then received this little piece – From Reuters
Be alarmed – be very alarmed – as the Chinese Government has brought out the bazooka’s and are seeking to ease the value of their currency against the USD but also introduce tariffs on imported goods.

This is a test of the markets – the Chinese Government and the PBoC have introduced not one, but two measures… THEY ARE TESTING THE MARKET FOR REPERCUSSIONS … in both devaluation and tariffs at the same time.

The problem is – it will not work as the USD is not gun (bazooka shy) – all the bad news from the U.S. dents the value of the dollar – but (yes I love buts) the currency action by all currencies is just driving more and more monies into the USD – result …. you work it out.

Nothing changes for the Yuan – in fact it is the commodity exporting countries that are suffering.

Australia – Canada – Brazil …. watch out below as Chinese devaluation impacts these countries.. nothing no one can do about it.

So peoples – expect a further devaluation in the not to distant future – watch the Bank of Japan and Bank of Korea in this mix as these near neighbors WILL HAVE TO DEVALUE – then if this happens the trigger point for a collapse of the Yen and Yuan carry trade happens.

Ever heard of the phrase Target Redemption Forward?

Well it is the carry trades worst nightmare – and if the tipping point is reached in the next devaluation by China – all shit will break loose. It will be a currency carnage that will bankrupt a fair few carry funds – and the winner will be – USD.

And mark my words – CHINA WILL DEVALUE AGAIN…….

I hope you all heeded my words on my favorite currency at the moment.

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